Support Mom Businesses!

There are LOTS of great Mom businesses out there and I’m sure if you’ve been on Twitter or around the blogs, you have seen CPSIA. This is an act being passed that will close soo many Mom’s businesses down. I think it is important to Save Handmade. There are lots and lots of great articles out there right now but one I found that stood out you can check out and read here.

I know there are many many more excellent Mom businesses out there but here are some great sites that come to mind worth checking out for your little ones 🙂

Bambina Ballerina

Happy Panda
Princess Time Toys
One Stop Boy Shop
My Baby Bump Maternity
Just Add Charm

Do you have another great Mom Business? Or maybe you have one you love shopping at!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out on My Baby Bump. I’m pretty nervous about how this will affect me, no word from CafePress yet on what the game plan is. 🙁

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