Sunday Stroll-Learn more about blogging!!

Learning to blog is an ongoing experience. Whether you’d like to just blog to have fun writing or you’d like to learn how to review blog, for this Sunday Stroll I found some great resources to check out. I’m always learning something new and it’s great to have these things to look at!

Have you been trying to customize your blog? I constantly see individuals wanting to learn how to do more with their blog. Trisha at Sweet N Sassy Girls has an awesome and informative post How To Make Your Own Blog Design. This post is full of great info. to help you do various things with your blog. Definitely one to check out!

Another blogging helper is Cat from 3 Kids and Us. She has some very informative posts that are worth checking out, including help Organizing Blog Reviews and Giveaways and for those interested in switching to WordPress, she has a great tutorial Switching Blogger to WordPress.

Awhile back, Jessica Knows did a 15 Days of Marketing to help bloggers learn various things for “growing” your blog. This is another great resource to help you learn various things like how to make your blog PR Friendly and use social networking.

Now MomDot is always working to help bloggers. Alot of the things I’ve learned is from hanging out on the forum. If you are a Mom Blog, you have to check it out. There are a variety of Blogging Resources to check out. Also if you are a PR Rep trying to find more bloggers sign their PR Rep List. And for bloggers, there’s a list too. Sign the MomDot Blogger List to get your info out to the hands of PR Reps looking for Bloggers.

Do you have a great resourceful post? Do you have a contest for more to check out?

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