Sunday Stroll-December 7th

Sorry the Stroll is later than I’ve been getting it out normally! I’m actually typing this with Muscle Relaxers in me right now so this should be interesting (gotta love having a screwed up shoulder NOT) I promise I wont fall asleep typing for ya!

Ok, I have a sugar tooth. I can admit it. Myrinda at A Sweet Blog totally just made me hungry. Go check out her take on Bangerang Bake Shop. Believe me, youre going to be craving some sugar once you head over and read her review about the Cupcake in a Jar….and they come in so many flavors, YOU WILL find one you like!

Sarah at My Charmed Life has her 12 Days of Christmas giveaways going on right now! She has some beautiful prizes going on and more to come so don’t miss out on those.

Trisha at MomDot made DH and I LOL when we read about her daughter Charlotte and their advent calendar. She also shared a picture of her Christmas tree to help get everyone in the holiday spirit. Go check out the post and have a laugh here!

You’ve heard me talk about Karen as she is the awesome person who created the new design you are seeing here on For The Love of Baby! She is a busy busy lady with her blogs and everything she does! Right now on her blog 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires she has a very fun contest for a Naughty Monkey Christmas Tree Ornament! Check it out, this is definitely perfect for those of us with ornery little monkeys!

Rhonda at Giggles ‘N Sugar Kisses also has a lot of giveaways going on right now! Head over and enter those contests as well!

Go check those out and get your entries in those contests! I need to try getting some homework done as it is finals week so let’s see if I can focus!

If you would like to be featured in a Sunday Stroll, feel free to email me at jenna at loveofbabyonline dot com

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  1. I hope your shoulder is feeling better soon. I almost drunk-blogged last night, but managed to restrain myself and spare the masses.

    Looks like there’s lots of goodies to check out this week! Thanks!

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