Sunday Stroll-Days from BlogHer!

We are days away from the Chicago BlogHer! I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I can’t wait for the chance to meet so many of you there.

On with this week’s Sunday Stroll Announcements!

Paperback Designs is an incredible blog design service and Vanessa is giving away over $1000 in prizes right now!!  There’s going to be more than one winner of some amazing prizes so get over there and check out how you can enter the Crazy Contest Fever!

Sarah at The Ohana Mama is one talented Mama and I love checking out all the fun things she has to say in her blog posts and now you can catch her live on MomTV! Don’t miss out on her first show “The Hula Shake” , starting August 4th! You can read all about her plans and more over at The Ohana Mama!

Now, do you need a laugh? I’m sure you remember my guest poster, Cheryl. And of course, she’s got another post that’s a laugh and of course, it’s sex related 😉  Have some tact ladies and gents.

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  1. Thanks so much for the link. You can also post your giveaway on my blog (at the bottom of page).


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