Sunday Stroll, A TAD bit late but still fun

Hey everyone-So the Sunday Stroll is belated! But if you’ve had anything like the Monday I’ve had, you can use this post to relax a bit after a long day.

Today the temp with wind chill is making it feel well below zero degrees. I had a dr appt this morning and THE CAR WOULDN’T START. It was that flipping cold. We had to jump start the car for a half hour from my neighbor’s car before we got it going. What a GREAT start haha.

We have QWEST Broadband Service. Our landlord says internet is included with rent. That’s a joke. So we added Broadband to our service a few months ago. Well I get home and Steven tells me the net is not working. GREAT. Not like it’s finals week and I need my internet or anything. So right now I’m on the landlord’s “internet” All QWEST can tell me is there’s an outage in the area (after he asked me if I was in Seattle, Minnepolis, and Minnesota-did you not look at your screen when I gave you my contact info??) So if this post takes me 50 times to write and publish thats why.

Head over to Gina’s at A Wrestling Addicted Mommy and check out her Daily Freebies post! She also has some great giveaways going on right now that are worth checking out!

Cheryl is someone I’ve had fun watching on Twitter. Go check her out at The Daily Blonde. She has a really great post “Get Your Sexy Back” that’s perfect for all us Mamas and also pays tribute to Bettie Page, who just passed away. I’m sure if you know me, you know I’m a fan of Bettie.

Chalsey is a friend I’ve known online since I was pregnant with Kelsie. We also just had September babies together! We actually found out we were pregnant the same day this time around!! She’s got two lil cutie pies you’ll love! Go check out her blog at Champagne SuperNeva

Susan is one of the lovely ladies I’ve met over at MomDot who has fun enjoying my insanity and antics (Hey I like making you guys laugh when I can!) Over at her blog, Life In A House of Blue! Watch her “My 3 Elves!”

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  1. Well, Miss Pretty, thank you for the mention. What a cute blog you have…I love babies. Well, I did have 5 of them. 🙂 My neighbor just had a baby Saturday and I can’t wait to see her little toes 🙂
    I hope you are feeling well. Thanks for the mention and don’t forget to get your sexy on…… 🙂

  2. Great blog you have Jenna. Quite a day you have had. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    The arctic air seems to be almost everywhere right now…. brrr!

  3. Words cannot describe the frustration I had with Qwest myself. It took over a month with four different repair guys out here to work on our connection. They kept saying it was us – it was them!

    Their customer service needs to be rehauled. Big time!

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