Stupid Drivers-And People Call Me The Crazy One

Today I just had some pet peeves with people. I seriously do not understand some people’s thinking. Who knows, maybe I’M the CRAZY one.

I watched THREE people clearly and blatently run red lights today. It wasn’t “Oh, I better hurry through while the light is yellow.” No, the light was FULL ON RED. One of these cars decided to do this and turn right in front of me. Being the ass that I can be haha, I revved my engine a bit and just started to go-hey they can buy me a new car, I don’t have to yield to them. (And NO, I DID NOT have children in my car-like I said I’m not the Crazy One.) And I can rev a Saturn engine so well HA.

Then I witnessed a car accident b/c of the god awful ice. I was in one store twenty minutes tops. It was doing nothing when I went in. I come out and pure freaking ice. To the car speeding past me at 50 mph in a 35 zone with the ice on the road, I’ll see you down the road in the ditch in what oh 5 miles?

So if you learn nothing from me at all atleast learn this on my blog-


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  1. People are like that here in MI as well. I see people RUN red lights all the time. It drives me NUTS.

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