Storage Issues? Discover These 6 Space-Saving Solutions for Pharmacies

Pharmacies need better ways to save space and store medications without issues. When reviewing their options, the owner must first consider if the storage option is secure and safe. Next, they must determine if it will fit within the space without presenting risks to workers. Space-saving storage must give the workers plenty of room to move and minimize common obstacles. 

1. Use Ergonomic Dispensaries

Ergonomic dispensaries are a great way to maintain storage, too. Carousel designs are great for pharmacies, and they provide options for storing and accessing medications safely. The pharmacy staff can use it to access medications as needed and reduce common mistakes.

The design requires the staff to enter information about the medication they need, and the system retrieves it according to vital details in the storage device’s IT system. Pharmacy owners can learn more about using a pharmacy carousel by contacting a supplier now. 

2. High-Density Mobile Shelves

The units provide extensive storage and make it easier for the pharmacy to rearrange its shelving as needed. The size of the pharmacy plays a role in choosing the best storage devices. With high-density mobile shelves, the pharmacy can set up storage throughout the pharmacy and keep the medication safe. If the area becomes too crowded, the mobile units can be moved or placed in different locations. If the pharmacy expands and increases in size, they don’t have to remove shelving to relocate it. 

3. Pull Out Sliding Shelves

It’s a great solution for narrow spaces and gives pharmacies the storage they need. The shelving is taller, but won’t take up as much floor space, and the pharmacy can access medication as needed.

Users may need ladders or steps to make it easier to reach higher shelves, but it is a great way to store medication safely and eliminate several risks. The space within the pharmacy won’t be overwhelmed with the shelving units, and the staff can navigate narrow spaces without sustaining any injuries. 

4. Computerized Security Cabinets 

Computerized security cabinets require the pharmacy staff to enter a digital code or use a key to open the cabinet. Pharmacies can use the storage cabinets to secure a variety of medications. This can decrease theft and prevent unauthorized access to potentially dangerous medications. When reviewing these designs, the pharmacy owner and manager can protect their inventory from risky workers and prevent outsiders from accessing the medications if they break into the building. 

5. Rotary Shelves

The shelves lock and make it easier to store narcotics and chemical compounds. Rotary shelves are convenient and give the pharmacy staff plenty of room to maneuver around the property. The shelves provide them with access to medications as needed and provide an organized way to store the products. 

6. Lateral Sliding Shelves

The units take up far less floor space, and the pharmacy can store a larger quantity of medications. The design makes it easier for the staff to access all medication and avoid potential risks. They can access medications on higher shelves more conveniently with this design. The pharmacy could decrease further risks to their workers and keep their inventory safe. 

Pharmacies need better storage options for their medication and more convenient designs for their workers. When reviewing storage options, the pharmacy owner will need to find the best option for maintaining security and monitoring their inventory. Pharmacies stay successful by preventing losses, and the right storage unit makes this possible.  

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