Stomach Flu Strikes

Stomach Flu Strikes 1

This past week has not been a fun one.

After Aubrey had some tummy issues that she had in the past, immediately upon getting her home from the doctor, Lucas began throwing up. Since then, he and Nathan have both stayed sick, and Aubrey and I have been hit with it.

We’ve been told over and over again that it is viral but trying to get it under control with the twins have been exhausting. They will act fine throughout the day and then upon falling asleep, instantly start throwing up. Last night, calling our doctor’s office to speak to the on-call, we got our actual doctor who knew what was going on. Since we live in a small town that does not have a pediatrics area of the local hospital, he told me to take Nathan to a bigger hospital to likely be admitted.

Last night, Nathan had to have IV treatment to see how his stomach would handle it. Bloodwork came back showing that it is all viral. It has been exhausting thinking the twins are okay and then boom, waking up to them sick. Nathan IV

Please, if your children are sick, don’t send them to school. Despite every measure we’ve taken, this season has simply put, been kicking all of us. Don’t spread germs if you can avoid it. I’ve seen lots of friends and family posting about kiddos being sick. This is definitely taking a toll on a number of people.

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