Staying on Track for 2018 Goals

Staying on Track for 2018 Goals 1

This year I chose the word “Investment” as my 2018 focus word. While the first thing that probably comes to mind is financial investment, I’m happy to say there is so much more to it for our family. We plan to grow our successes in many ways this year and I’ve considered how stepping out of my comfort zone will help me invest in our family and helping others.

As a kid, I played with Graphic Design quite a bit. Coding has changed alot since then and I decided it was time to see what I could teach myself. Brian and I found some pretty fun elearning courses on Bleeping Computer that we both have been diving into learning with. That helped me in playing with the graphics to not only only give a facelift but to create a whole new brand for the twins with the “birth” of The Adventures of Ham and Cheese. There are still little tweaks here and there that still need worked out but, I’ve loved the chance to play around and get creative once again.

Staying on Track for 2018 Goals 2Staying on Track for 2018 Goals 3



Another goal that I’ve created is wanting to help others. Several friends have been fighting to advocate for their children’s needs and I hope to be a resource for those that aren’t sure where to turn. I get that it is a tough journey and sometimes we just need someone willing to listen.

I’ve been sharing various posts about organizing as I know it can be a struggle for many. As I set myself to get more organized, I hope that I can find better focus.

It’s a good thing to say you are happy!

How have you started your 2018?

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  1. I think this is awesome to start building up your graphic skills! I also love the idea of checking in with your goals for the year and keeping on track with working towards them.

  2. You have fantastic goals and I think you’ll have no problem kicking butt this year. You have a full 10 months left to make things happen. GOOD LUCK!

  3. Good word for 2018! Investments can be applied to so many things in our lives not only money. Invest time in family, in making a better connection with friends, invest on ourselves. Love it!

  4. Investment is a great word for 2018! I think once you get yourself truly organized, you’ll see how easy it is to invest your time (and money) in the best ways.

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