Starting Speech Therapy for Twins

Starting Speech Therapy for Twins 1


Since the twins were preemies, they qualified for Early Access services to help make sure they are on the right track with developmental skills. We graduated from physical therapy several months ago but Early Access has continued to monitor how they’re doing. Our little guys are fast moving and keeping Mommy always on her toes for sure!

It was decided last week that we have officially hit a stalemate with the boys in their communication. No matter what cues I use, the boys just will not pick up new words or attempt to talk to us. We have random jibber jabber but with every time we “access” them, they have been one point below cut-off. Since it has gone on for several months with no change, we’ve decided to start speech so maybe, I can find other cues to help them get moving with this.


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  1. We started speech therapy for our 2 1/2 year old son just earlier this month because he was more than 25% behind on communication benchmarks for his age. The good thing for us is that he is at his age level or higher in all different areas of physical and mental abilities which makes it easier for us to concentrate on just speech development. That also means that his speech will probably “catch up” to the rest of his abilities quicker than one who might be lagging in another area as well. Anyways, after just one monthly in-home session, we’ve learned new methods to help with speech development that really seems to be working and our son surprises almost daily with improvements. I hope you have success with speech therapy as much as we are starting to see with our son. My thoughts are, you should work on it now, before they get into school.

  2. My oldest started speech shortly after he turned two. He actually loves it – it is just another fun activity to him.

    I would suggest looking into the teach me to talk DVD. Simply put, it is a low-budget DVD put together by a speech therapist to show parents (and other speech therapists) techniques for encourage speech in your kids.

    A friend of mine got several of the DVDs and really feels that they helped her help her son (who was having issues with receptive and expressive language). I got one when my son started speech, and I think it helped me out, too.

    At the same time, the site has a lot of tips, too. So you might get some useful info there without having to get the DVD.

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