Starting off Mother’s Day with a Car Accident.

Starting off Mother's Day with a Car Accident. 1

I decided to take Aubrey around to garage sales this morning. We have only been out and about for a few when we hit up a garage sale that was listed on our local Craigslist. I knew there was children’s stuff so why not check it out.

This particular garage sale was just outside city limits and set back away from the road. My mom lives out in the country and she has a long driveway herself.

As Aubrey and I were going through the garage sale and about to leave CRUNCH. You’ A Dodge Durango had backed STRAIGHT into the side of my Jeep. Lovely.

The individual just wanted to exchange information (BIG NO NO, ALWAYS GET A POLICE REPORT!) and I saw that my car had been MOVED by the impact of the hit. ┬áMy driver’s side back tire was SHOVED into the grass. How on Earth do you hit a car like that backing up? As I waited for the police to come, the guy actually said to me, “I feel like an a** cuz I honestly didn’t even look.” Yeah no kidding.

Starting off Mother's Day with a Car Accident. 2

I was scared to drive home but the sheriff told me I should be fine getting home. As I got driving, I realized ALL of my interior lights were on. So while my car might be “driveable”, it wouldn’t be as the battery drains.

I called. I made the claim. I was told I’d be contacted on Monday. Well, an insurance adjuster called me telling me “So there’s not alot of damage.” Um….have you SEEN MY CAR? So in other words, the person responsible is trying to get out of it now. There’s visible damage, car seats that were in the vehicle, a door not closing properly, and obviously, electrical now that needs dealt with.

Having an individual call me downplaying it when quite honestly, we agree that there is more damage than the naked eye can see just completely irritates me. Guess what, the driver insured by you admitted fault (not like there was any argument in that matter considering my car was PARKED!)

So, now we wait…and I pray that their insurance company does what they need to do.

Happy Mother’s Day to me, huh?

I’m waiting to add more pictures of the damage. I have it all on my phone but just in case, I figured I’d hold on to it.

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  1. Good grief! Was this person drunk or something? He must have been driving in reverse FAST to hit you like that. What a maroon.

  2. I got slapped with something very similar to this except my vehicle was totaled. Another car pulled out in front of me just as I got to. I ended up plowing into the back on them. Several witnesses admitted that it was NOT my fault. The guy driving the other vehicle just pulled out and I had no where to go but into his rear end. His insurance ended up ruling it “no fault” and I had to live with that because I didn’t have collision coverage on my car. It was older and paid for and collision was going to cost more than it was valued at. At any rate, when I contacted my insurance to report it they told me that if I would have had collision coverage they would have covered the loss of my car, by my policy, then gone after the other guy’s insurance for reimbursement and maximum rate. If you haven’t opened a claim with your insurance you may want to do so, let them cover your repairs then go after the other guy for damages.

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