Spring Cleaning Musts

I am a year-round allergy sufferer but this time of year is the worst for me. With high pollen counts and trying to work through cleaning out our apartment and getting organized, it is an allergy sufferers worst nightmare. Possible dust, mold, mildew-I feel my nose itching already!

Now, I have always been a fan of trying to open windows to air things out but with that, I know pollen can find it’s way into our home. I know that our furnace and water heater closet is one of the worst spots. It’s dark, no lighting. Very easy for things to “grow”. Last year, we had a big cleanup issue where our neighbor above us had a LEAKING water heater. Next thing we know, there was water soaking up in our apartment. While I had plenty of cleaners and bleach water concoctions to make sure nothing bad creeped up, it would have been great to have something like a ladybug steam cleaner to ensure that everything was cleaned to the fullest. From what I’ve heard of steam cleaners you can clean anything and everything and rest-assured that it got deep down.

With how fast kids grow as well, I know that I have a TON of clothes I need to go through. I wish I could have a garage sale to get rid of the piles upon piles of clothes that never fit. Kelsie was born in dead cold while Aubrey was born in hot and muggy September. Doing the hand me down thing doesn’t work too well and I already know more clothes shopping is in order.

Our bathroom closet needs gone through. When you are in the beauty industry, you get lots and lots of random things you are constantly trying. Some things have sat for awhile and it’s time for me to say goodbye to them. *sigh*

What Spring Cleaning do you still need to get done? Do you have a priority must-do or a must have to make your cleaning easier?

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  1. I wonder if a Steam Cleaner would help with our allergies and my major lung issues. I have thought about that. We Spring Clean a few times a year to help keep the house decluttered & to rotate & get rid of things we havent used in at least 6 months. This is my huge thing. TOSS anything you havent or arent using or needing. We have a yearly yard sale and the money we make from that goes towards buying the kids something new and fun for the Summer (this year is a play set/swingset) and it gives us a chance to clean and get rid of clutter.
    .-= Tanya @ Mommy Goggles´s last blog ..Pillsbury Family Pizza Party Giveaway! (5/21) =-.

  2. Have you ever tried one of the sinus irigation things in the allergy season? Like the Nedi Med one? My husband and FIL suffer from bad allergies this time of year and they both use them around this time. Its the first thing my husband has tried (even tried RX’s) that he was actually able to BREATH through his NOSE this time of year. I hope the Steam cleaner helps. I’ve never tried that!!

  3. NOTHING helps with my allergies except for zyrtec-d. i think my air purifier helps a little, too.

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