Spoil Your Cats with Nutrish Natural Food

Spoil Your Cats with Nutrish Natural Food 1

As someone who has been around animals my entire life, I feel blessed that I was able to give my children that same love for animals with our cats. In our home, a pet is a part of the family and there’s no surprise, our cats, Whiskey, Carter, and Leo all share a part of our daily routine.

Just like our children, we want the very best for our cats and when I learned about Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Food for Cats, I was excited to try this with our fur babies.

Our middle “child”, Carter, is definitely the Caring Cat, ready to curl up and cuddle in for naps, and put that purring to good use. If you aren’t feeling well, be prepared for this sweet boy to be nearby. He’s also the kitty that is more passive so when it comes to food time, it’s always nice to be able to sneak him his very own surprise. When Leo and Whiskey were napping and upstairs, Carter got spoiled with the chance to have a container of Chicken Purrcata all to himself.


 So what makes Rachael Ray Nutrish different?

  •  Made with REAL ingredients
  • All simple and natural ingredients
  • No poultry by-product or yuck fillers
  • No artificial preservatives or artificial flavors

All of this means no ground corn, no wheat, no soy-just a pure product that provides a wholesome meal for your pet. If you wouldn’t want fillers, why feed your cats such?

To help celebrate your fur baby, you can enter the PURRsonalitySweeps and also like Nutrish on Facebook for the chance to win weekly prizes for your kitty, including cat carriers, scratching posts, bed, toys, even a grand prize of $1,000 and your own Nutrish supply! Head over between now and May 31st, 2014 for your chance to win!

You can also get your cat excited while saving by downloading Nutrish coupons!

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