Speech Therapy Delays and Early Preschool #Twins

Speech Therapy Delays and Early Preschool #Twins 1

It is hard to believe the twins will already be turning three in January. It really isn’t a lie when people say time flies.

We have still remained in speech therapy and early intervention services since the twins were born and unfortunately, we have made little progress in language. We have a lot of jibber jabber. Here and there, we “Hear” a word but ultimately, we only have five to six words. We have been trying to focus on sign language for them.Twins Playing in the Rain

The next step when they turn three, is starting early preschool. I’m still very torn on this. The first thing mentioned was separating the twins but, in all of our experiences up to this point, the twins thrive and learn from each other. The speech therapy delays may be part of the “twin language” but, research I have read talks about a variety of things and reasons why identical twins should not be separated.

For now, we will continue in home speech therapy on a more aggressive level, with more visits, and trying to get them working on a variety of language skills, expressive, cognitive, etc. I’m searching Pinterest and hope to find some resources that will work for our boys so I can in turn share with others in the same situation. One blog I have to research a bit that our new speech language pathologist recommended to me was L.C, SLP. While it sounds like she does not update it anymore, it’s definitely a resource I’ll be going through for ideas to help Nathan and Lucas.

I’ve started a Pinterest Board, Learning for the Twins. Be sure to check it out as I continue to add things I find.

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