Being a “Special Needs” Mom

Being a "Special Needs" Mom 1

When you have early intervention services with your child, or in our case children (the twins), some of the things that you are told just make sense and it clicks. Then of course, you try to explain it to others around you and you end up looking like you are trying to speak Greek.

This past week was a very busy appointment week for the twins. Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Coordinator, Speech Language Pathologist, Family Coordinator. To put it lightly, a whirlwind of things all happening at once.

They always love the ideas I bring to the table and know I’m constantly researching things to see how I, as Mom, can help my children. But I’m guessing I’m not alone when I ask myself “Is there something I SHOULD be doing MORE?”

My little guys just flat out do not want to talk. We have the twinlish language going on right now and we are discovering that they have very low muscle tone, something that can play a role in not talking.

Before this past week, I didn’t really think of myself as a special needs Mom. Yes, I was a NICU Mom but, overall, my twins have been healthy. We’ve had issues here and there but ultimately, these little guys have thrived in all areas but communication.

I know there is a guilt that comes with our children having struggles. I expressed my concerns of “What am I doing wrong?” and was quickly shot down with I’m doing everything that a parent can.

We’ve learned there are several sensory sensitivities and I’m trying to educate myself on how I can help Nathan and Lucas through each, as well as trying to educate those around us.

We are all learning together. We will get this. One step at a time.

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