Some People’s Kids

Grr. I think it’s funny that people decide to leave comments on a page ANONYMOUSLY instead of having the courage to show who they really are. It’s cowardly and well, I won’t tolerate it. Because this person keeps coming back and attacking a particular prize sponsor (why I don’t know) I’m putting comments into moderation.

I love all of you and you know that!

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  1. Goddammed anonymous.

    I love you too.

    ANd I always have my comments moderated, mostly because I’m a control freak and have nothing better to do. :o)

  2. the only time I’m tempted to post anonymously is on The Mominatrix’s site when she’s asking questions about sex 😉 but then I either suck it up, or just don’t post… didn’t even know HOW to post anonymously!

  3. Oh, anonymous posters are great. Usually negative and cranky people who obviously shouldn’t complain on someone’s person blog. Sorry!

  4. I just started a blog and on one of my pages I had an annonymous poster call me an aweful name.. I have very thin skin and deleted the page then didnt return to my blog for a week! Its a teeny tiny blog but I think the poster had followed me over from a contest I won where I posted my blog addy.
    You know what they say though?? Karma will bite em in the heiny 😉

  5. Why would someone do that? If someone has a problem with the sponser, should they contact the sponsor directly? What a coward posting annonymously. people suck!

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