So That Was Interesting….

So I needed to run to Wal-Mart to grab a few things. Out the door I walk and hear a seriously hair-tingling scream from down the hall.

Steven hears it from inside the apartment and it’s obvious it’s a woman screaming. So maybe it was the Criminology major in me but I have to call the police to report a “possible domestic”

We live in a secured access building so I head outside and wait for an officer to get here. He recognizes me from working security at the mall. I let him inside and he figures out which door it is “Yeah somethings going on that shouldn’t”

He tells me there is another officer on the way and asks me to meet him outside to let him in. No problem. The second officer gets here and I let him inside. I go back into my apartment in case they need a statement from me.

Knock Knock. “It was a nine year old boy playing Rainbow Six and screaming at getting shot”
“WHAT?!?! Oh my God, I’m so sorry”
“You’ve got nothing to be sorry about it! I thought it sounded like a woman getting stabbed to death!!!”

So yes. That domestic was a NINE YEAR OLD playing a very violent video game. And he screamed like a freaking woman. Do you need another reason why you don’t let your kids play those stupid games???

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  1. hehehe, but hey you did what you thought was right! Think about it…you were embarrassed now, but what if it had been a woman who needed help?

  2. LOL that’s funny. Sad about the boy…but funny about the situation.

  3. Wow…yah, funny, but stupid all at the same time. You shouldn’t let your kids play stuff like that!

  4. lol That is too funny! Hopefully he’ll grow out of his womanly screaming. 🙂 I probably would have called the cops too.

  5. I swear this stuff only happens to you! You just Showed me the Funny! Look for your hook up tomorrow!

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