So much for a nice trip to the store…

So, we took the girls to the grocery store to get some stuff. Steven was pushing Kelsie and I was pushing Aubrey in carts. We were going through an aisle and Kelsie was smiling and playing with us, and grinning whenever we said, “Where’s lil sis?”

An older woman came up behind us and started talking to Kelsie…Kelsie turned her head away being bashful (as any kid her age usually would do). Well I’m ahead of Steven and Kelsie’s cart but acknowledging this woman talking to my child…”Kels, are you being bashful silly girl?”

Next thing I know, this woman is saying TO MY 19 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER, “Oh heavens, look at your ears, shame on your parents.” And just began to walk past me like nothing. I had to bite my tongue but she got a look out of me for sure! My daughter has her ears pierced yes. Does she even remember it? NOPE! My ears were pierced when I was 5 and got horribly infected because I wouldn’t let my Mom take care of them because of the experience. Kelsie has had no problems with her ears being pierced whatsoever. I worked for Claire’s, I pierced all ages of ears. In the time I worked there, I probably did close to 500 or more ear pierceings. My old boss did Kelsie’s ears and we planned it perfectly to a T. She cried less getting her ears pierced than she cries going to the Dr.

Thank goodness Steven didn’t actually hear what the woman said. He probably wouldn’t have bit his tongue! OOPS! So thank you to the old woman that decided to sass me to my daughter that has no clue what you’re saying. You make me not want to be nice to the next stranger talking to my child.

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  1. I suppose she also would prefer baby boys don’t get circumcised until they’re old enough to go through it. *snark*

  2. Thats just plain rude, but old ladies sometimes are!
    Love the look of your blog! Its fun and unusual!

  3. My oldest girl’e ears were pierced when she was 2 months old and no problems. My 5yo was done at 3 yo and she was a pistol

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