Slowly Going Crazy….

As Aubrey learns her “independence”, I feel my sanity slipping further. This “freshly” one year old child can now sass me back, even when it is a simple “BE CAREFUL.” as she attempts to run across the couch cushions. Mom’s looking out for ya kid, spare me the held breath growl, will ya?

There are not enough hours in the day for dealing with two sassa-frasses known to the world as Kelsie and Aubrey. Don’t let those grins fool ya, these two are punks. “No Mommy Kelsie not a punk, Kelsie a Kitty Kat”


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  1. Totally know what ya mean Jenna, my girl is just 2 and a handful of mouth! She is seriously going to make mama go nuts !

  2. awe miss Im there with you perhaps she and my 2 year old son can play with each other as we sit a drool in a corner hahahah

  3. LOL how fun is that. I tell you I have a 3 yr old boy and it doesn’t get any better I get threatened daily that he’s gonna kick my bUt . i always tell him I’d like to see him try it.

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