Slice iPad Mini #giveaway

Slice iPad Mini #giveaway 1

With Christmas almost here, many have been ordering online. It’s easy for those online purchase receipts to get lost in the jumble of your e-mail inbox. That’s where Slice is a must-have.


Slice is a free app that pulls together all the purchase and shipping information from your email inbox into once place so you can:

  • Track all your shipments
  • Stay organized and on budget
  • Get Price Drop Alerts: Price Drop Alerts send you a notification when an item you’ve purchased has recently dropped in price and you’re eligible to recoup the difference. Once you receive a price drop alert, the app guides you through the steps you need to take in order to get your money back.
  • Track With Friends (perfect for holiday gift giving!): If you’re mailing a gift, you can send customized notifications to recipients—plus or minus the details of what’s inside, so you don’t have to ruin the surprise.
  • Get Product Recall Alerts (a must-have for parents!): The app will send you an alert if a product you’ve purchased is recalled. This is particularly useful for parents because it’s hard to keep up-to-date on recalls and they certainly wouldn’t want to continue to use faulty baby products or something that could be potentially harmful to their child. Also, they’ll never miss an opportunity to get their money back.
  • Make returns easy No need to manually enter any information. The app saves you time, frustration, money and can potentially save lives. It’s a must-have tool, during the holidays and beyond.

Thanks to Slice, we’ve partnered with The Art of Random WillyNillyness for an amazing giveaway, an iPad Mini!

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