Simply Aroma Essential Oils New Oil Celebration Package

Simply Aroma Essential Oils New Oil Celebration Package 1

It is amazing what Essential Oils can do for well, our entire family. As I’ve begun using essential oils, I am able to turn to peppermint when I might have a headache coming on or my neck is tense. Now that I’ve been using lavender at bedtime for my kiddos, they actually LIFT their feet up knowing Mommy’s going to give them a nice, relaxing massage.

To celebrate reaching over 1,000 , they are offering a great deal to also celebrate the launch of 17 new oils!

New Oil Celebration Package!
Available April 14th-19th
Product# 2016
Ignite, Patchouli, DePure8, 10mL
and FREE Eucalyptus 10mL
retail $79
sale price $59
This is a great deal and ready to get your hands on some new product!

Head over to and check out the new products!

Have you used essential oils before?

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