Silly Kids Photo Contest!

1st Birthday-105

My little girls are hams-there’s no denying that. At Aubrey’s 1st Birthday, my friend Noelle captured some AMAZING photos of our family. As Aubrey was getting out of the highchair from her cake experience, I couldn’t help but laugh at this picture. Whether she was hamming it up for one of my brothers or her big sister, the silly girl shines through.

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a Silly Kids Photo Contest Carnival with Elefun for the chance to win $1000 for educational materials or classes. There are alot of community park and recreation activities I would love for Kelsie and Aubrey to interact in.

Finalists will be announced October 22nd, 2009. So cross your fingers that Aubrey is my “Silly Kid”!

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  1. I cannot tell you how madly, deeply in love I am with her! I love her baby legs! I am crossing my fingers for you to win!

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