Seventh Generation-Chemical Free Clean!

Seventh Generation-Chemical Free Clean! 1As many of us are working on the Spring Cleaning, it is important to think about what you are using around your family. Have you ever just been cleaning and been overpowered by the obvious chemical smell? Some of those bathroom and kitchen cleaners are just about enough to give me one of my killer headaches.

With small children as well, I try to make a conscious effort to avoid anything considered TOXIC. No matter how much you lock things up or watch your kids, there’s always that split second and it’s not an option I would like to take.

Seventh Generation has been a leader in creating environmentally friendly cleaning products for just about anything you can think of.

Leading the “responsible cleaning” charge for the past twenty years, Seventh Generation has tapped into the disinfecting power of the herb thyme, to introduce an EPA registered line of disinfecting sprays and wipes that kill germs* naturally! The new line of botanical disinfectant cleaners includes a multi-surface cleaning spray, bathroom cleaning spray and wipes.

The disinfectants contain thymol, a component of the herb thyme, and can be used on hard surfaces including counter tops, plastic cutting boards, highchair trays as well as children’s toys. Best of all, they kill over 99.99 percent of germs* naturally and are effective against the Influenza A Virus, including H1N1.

Now I have to say, the products had an interesting smell to them but it’s not your typical “take your breath away, whoa that is CHEMICAL” smell. At first, I thought it was kind of weird but I could easily see it was cleaning just as well as other sprays I might grab from underneath our sink.

The spot that I hate cleaning the most because of how strong some of those chemicals seem to have to be is definitely in the bathroom. Toilet, sink, shower-it’s a lot of space that needs taken care of.

The Seventh Generation Bathroom Disinfectant Spray Cleaner is a safe alternative that-

  • Kills Influenza A Virus including H1N1
  • EPA Registered
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Disinfects while you clean
  • Effectively controls odors
  • Will not harm hard, nonporous surfaces
Something that I enjoy is Seventh Generation discloses ALL ingredients in their products. It’s easy to keep track of ingredients this way and protect your family from any harsh reactions or allergies.
Seventh Generation has partnered with eco-lifestyle consultant and author, Alexandra Zissu, whose new book, The Conscious Kitchen, discusses what’s good for your health, what’s good for the planet and what tastes great. Her book also includes great tips on maintaining a green and healthy kitchen, including:

  • Change is Good
    Choosing cleaning products without indoor air pollutants like volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, is a simple and effective way to reduce your indoor air pollution. If you’re not prepared to switch everything overnight, start by swapping out the one product you use the most, and moving forward from there.
  • Think before you spray
    Residues from cleaning products can last on a surface for longer than we we’d like to know and travel to areas that we sometimes don’t intend them to. Don’t contaminate your food by prepping it on a surface that may contain harsh chemical residues – rinse cleaning products from food preparation surfaces carefully or use botanical disinfecting cleaners that do not require a rinse step.
  • Home is Where the Clean Is
    Your standard cleaners are good for removing soils and dirt from kitchen surfaces, but to tackle germs you need a cleaner that is effective against microbes like bacteria and viruses. Many cleaners contain ingredients that have antimicrobial properties such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, but the germ killing power of these is not necessarily guaranteed. To be sure you are killing germs, use an EPA registered disinfectant. Seventh Generation tapped into the disinfecting power of the common garden herb thyme, to provide a disinfecting cleaner that kills germs* naturally.
  • Make the Old New Again
    Think twice about the items that you’re using to clean and dry your kitchen equipment and dishes. Use rags (like old t-shirts and washcloths) instead of paper towels. If you aren’t prepared to kick your paper towel addiction just yet, use only recycled versions that are unbleached or haven’t been whitened with chemicals containing chlorine and see how long you can make a roll last.
  • The Writing is on the … Sponge
    Be sure to read the fine print on sponges and only purchase those that do not contain antimicrobial pesticides. Remember to store sponges in a dry place and frequently clean them by popping plastic sponges wet in a microwave for two minutes or boiling sponges for three minutes in water.
  • Mom Was Right, Wash Your Hands
    Wash your hands with soap and water before and after prepping food, and always before eating. So much of what can be potentially harmful in a kitchen can be reduced by this simple act that doesn’t require any harsh chemicals whatsoever.

Enter to Win

Seventh Generation-Chemical Free Clean! 2

Thanks to MyBlogSpark and Seventh Generation, 1 For The Love of Baby! reader will enjoy the above Disinfecting Prize Pack including-

disinfecting multi-surface cleaner, bathroom cleaner, wipes , a copy of The Conscious Kitchen, a cleaning caddy made from recycled plastic, and two rolls of 100% recycled, unbleached paper towels

Mandatory Entry

Leave me a comment letting me know “What is the best thing you have done to help the environment this year?”

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I received the above Disinfecting Kit to see the products for myself. Any opinions stated are that of my own.

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  1. Best thing is recycling our bags when we go to the grocery store, as we leave we pick up our totes and old bags so that we are not always getting new ones!

  2. I changed from bottled water to filtered, I also use only green products and I buy organic when possible.

  3. Starting bringing reuseable shopping bags with me. I keep a set in my car so I don’t forget them. I also save money. The store gives me a discount for bringing the bags.

    melissa.becker at

  4. The best thing that I have done for the environment was to buy a rainbarrel to save water and I disposed of my old extra fridge.

  5. I began gardening organically, and don’t use any chemicals in the garden or on the lawn.

  6. the best thing I have done to help the environment this year is to shop at yardsales

  7. The best thing I’ve done for the environment this year (besides continuing all the stuff I usually do) is to add to the storage capacity of my rainwater harvesting system! I can now store up to 3400 gallons! And, if I use some of the captured rain water to water my garden between storms, I can capture even more!

  8. This year I’ve been using alternative transportation to get to work instead of driving. I take the bus during the cold weather and have been riding my bike to work since it’s gotten nicer out.

  9. We started recycling this’s super easy and amounts to about half our garbage being recycled now!

  10. I take home a bin of recyclable products from my work on a weekly basis, as they do not recycle.

  11. We have started using reusable bags when shopping and have upped the number of items we recycle. We have also started composting.

  12. We walk wherever we can. We don’t drive or take public transportation if we can walk.


  13. I am going all green in the yard and garden this year. Rain barrel, compost bin, and eco friendly fertilizers. I’ve also grown my own starter plants from seed instead of buying them at a bulk store!

  14. I like you on FB: Cori Eckstrom Westphal
    .-= Cori Westphal´s last blog ..I’m a lucky winner at Sugar Pop Ribbons! =-.

  15. This year we have purchased new recycling bins, planted numerous trees throughout the neighborhood and purchased a rain barrel for watering our house plants and garden.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  16. I am a fan via Facebook as Jill Myrick and have written on your wall.


  17. I am a fan via Facebook as Jill Myrick and have written on your wall. #2


  18. The best thing we have done is start composting. A lot less is going in the landfills!!

  19. I have tried to use more locally grown organic fruits and vegetables and less paper products this past year.

  20. we no longer drink out of plastic water bottles , we reuse approved water bottles to eliminate waste

  21. My husband and I are walking more to get our errands done. We also carpool to work. Thanks!

  22. I started collecting rain water to use in our garden. I also bring a bag when I go shopping.

  23. The best thing that i have done this year recycling when ever possible and walk more

  24. We’ve started buying more energy star appliances. Also, keep recyling as much as possible! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  25. The best thing I have done to help the environment this year is switch my traditional light bulbs for CFL ones.

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