Season 9 of One Tree Hill on DVD TODAY April 10th

Season 9 of One Tree Hill on DVD TODAY April 10th 1

Last week, we all said Goodbye to One Tree Hill in not only the season finale but the series finale. Today, you can grab the last season of One Tree Hill on DVD and Ultraviolet to hold onto forever. It’s no surprise that we own all seasons of One Tree Hill and will be grabbing Season 9 as well.

The Complete Ninth Season of One Tree Hill not only includes the 13 episodes of the season but you can enjoy many bonus features. You can enjoy:

  • 3 All-New Featurettes
  • Full Length Commentary
  • Unaired Scenes
  • Hilarious Gag Reel (always my favorite!)

The Featurettes include-

  • An Evening in One Tree Hill
  • The Story of One Tree Hill
  • The Fans of One Tree Hill
  • One Tree Hill Series Retrospective (offered on UltraViolet)

Season 9 of One Tree Hill on DVD TODAY April 10th 2 Season Nine was filled with emotions and suspense, including the return of many characters from previous seasons. We said Hello again to Chris Keller, Deb, Dan Scott, Lucas, and several more. Lucas has always been one of my favorite characters throughout the years so it was great to see him come back, although I wish we all saw him much longer and with Peyton and Sawyer.

I would have to say that the returning character that hit me the most was Keith Scott. One Tree Hill fans know that we lost Keith in Season 3 and the episode with Keith in Season 9 was very emotional and many tears were shed. Keith Scott shows us “It Gets Better” just as he once said before. His loving soul shined through once again and touched our lives.

For those of you that love One Tree Hill as much as myself, grab Season 9 TODAY!

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD

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