Saturday Ramblings.

Some random thoughts going through my head today-

1.This rain sucks. Lots are excited it is melting the snow but think about it-snow melts, weather goes back to cold and uh oh look. MORE ICE.

2. Am I the only one that has noticed Facebook is turning into Myspace? I’m seriously getting overloaded with forward this forward that, try this app try this app. It’s annoying. Can Facebook go back to the whole social networking thing please?

3. Aubrey’s hair is CURLY. I mean ringlets upon ringlets. I love it. Just afraid if I ever cut the back of her hair, they won’t come back.

4. Speaking of Aubrey, kiddo can we please stop pulling all the pillows of the couch? You don’t fit too well under that cushion either so uh don’t get mad at it ya twirp.

5. Kelsie’s birthday is February 3rd. Uh. KELSIE’S BIRTHDAY IS FEBRUARY 3RD! I ordered a cake today. FOR NEXT SATURDAY. I’ve got a week to pull everything out of my brain for a party. Gulp. What am I thinking?

6. Alrighty rain, you can stop now. I mean-I’m watching it rain on Shrek right now. I’m good with that stuff.

7. Does my water intake count if I add like the Kool-Aid things to it? Because I don’t know but the Dasani water I had today just tasted-well. Odd.

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  1. I hear ya… I wanted to be on facebook so that none of these things like Farmville and Mafia wars woudl be on there… EXACTLY the reason i left myspace!

  2. Nice rambling there. 🙂 We had snow, rain, and then snow. I have no idea what is next, but I am glad that it is the weekend, and I wont be driving in it. 🙂 About water, I heard somewhere that any fluid intake counts towards your water intake. Though I do wonder about coffee since it is also kind of a diuretic.

    Have a good weekend. 🙂

  3. K, your going to hate me for saying this, don’t cut it. LOL I had curly curly curly curly hair when I was little. Then at like 5 my mom cut it. It came in straight as can be and didn’t curl back up until I was 18 when I went from waist length to above the ears. Then it was a poofy mess and it stayed curly, I have to straighten it now when I don’t want curls.

    On the other hand, my daughter got my curls and she cut her own hair off 2 years ago and it came back curly. It’s either or I guess.

    And this rain sucks. I’m so over winter.

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