Round Two Eye Doctor

toddler eyeglasses Jenna Goodwin

Last week, Lucas had a follow up with his pediatric specialist eye doctor. While I wish I could say we saw improvement and some good news, it just did not work out that way. Partially, I think a lot had to do with the many uncorrected issues we had with the original pair of glasses. The optical department had been no help to my concerns and adjusting the glasses to fit Lucas properly. Our eye doctor is an absolute sweetheart with genuine concern for Lucas so I continue to go there but even she wanted to ensure his glasses this time around would be appropriate.

Due to a variety of factors, Lucas has a very prominent lazy eye with poor vision in that particular eye. He has to wear bifocals, something I know even adults to not be too happy about. Because his eye continues to turn in, we now will be patching two hours a day when his glasses arrive.

toddler eyeglasses Jenna Goodwin

Lucas got to pick out his lenses after I figured which ones would fit his facial structure comfortably. The glasses he tried on he picked out in a light gray. We are just waiting on the phone call but any day now my sweetheart will be sporting his new glasses!

In six weeks, we will follow up again. Here’s to an improvement from the new glasses prescription and patching or our next option will be surgery. I’m praying more than anything we see correction. If not, our referral will be headed all the way to Omaha or Iowa City.

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