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Redo Your Cabinets Right: 8 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Remodel

Everyone likes to feel like they live in a beautiful home but, unfortunately, most of us live in outdated homes that don’t totally speak to us.

There are small things you can change to personalize your home a little more like changing your kitchen cabinets.

This may seem like a taxing project, but just changing your kitchen cabinet door styles can change the entire look of your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn our 8 most popular kitchen cabinet door designs for your remodel. 

1. Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are getting popular very quickly because of their streamlined, flawless look. Shaker style kitchen designs have simple, square-paneled cabinet doors with simple rail frames that are seamless with any hardware.

They are easy to customize as you find what you like and don’t! They look great in any color and are easy to pair with most decorations so you can design your kitchen any way you like. 

2. Cozy Country 

Country-style cabinets offer a cozy, down-home type vibe. These styled cabinets offer raised-panel, bead-board, or other decorative types like wire or tin framed boards.

They look great in light colors, creating a timeless look perfect for any home. You can even distress or milk paint these cabinet doors if you prefer a more rustic look. 

3. Slab Cabinets 

Slab cabinets are for the more contemporary household. These cabinets sometimes called flat-paneled cabinets is popular for its simple design and low maintenance appeal. 

These cabinets are less expensive than other options because they’re made with fewer materials and need less labor to install them. Their simple design also makes it easier to clean, making slab cabinets very popular with growing families. 

4. Open Shelving Flair 

This technique blends shelving storage within your cabinets. This is a popular option for homes with limited pantry storage or wall space.

This approach is great if you are a bit of a neat freak! It lets you see a lot of your dishware and often-used utensils which allows you to organize and clean whenever you need. 

Incorporating shelves with your cabinets is also nice if you frequently cook in your home. The shelves let you keep your favorite spices and utensils in reach without rummaging through drawers.

5. Glass Accents

Glass-fronted cabinets are meant to be mixed with other cabinets. They create a pretty accent and focal point of your kitchen. They can also showcase your kitchenware, favorite cookbooks, spices and more. 

You can even place back lights behind the cabinets for a light source which will help you see on those dark nights and create a sense of ambiance your visitors will love. 

6. Traditional Styled 

Traditional cabinets come in various styles like raised-panel boards or bead-board designs, something with a little more texture.

Inset recessed doors, where the frame is around the door and the door lays flush with the frame are also very popular in traditional designs. They look great in a number of styles, distressed, or painted!

Traditionally styled cabinets are very easy to decorate with since they look great in any color.

Use an accent color on your traditional cabinets for a fun pop of color that will instantly attract your guest’s eyes, or go with a more muted look to focus on your home decor. 

7. Rustic Craftsman 

This style is to reflect a rustic environment like a mountain cabin or country lifestyle. Rather than using a gloss or color paint, the cabinet is usually left untreated to showcase the beauty of the natural wood. 

These cabinets are often made with nice pieces of heavy wood like Oak, Hickory, or Maple. Craftsman cabinets stand out for their sharp lines, minimal decoration, and quality construction. 

The rustic character is highlighted by the natural wood, showcasing the uniqueness of the knots and imperfections making the kitchen feel more yours. 

8. Islands: The New Cabinets 

Kitchen islands are being more and more popular in homes around the world. This is probably because of their versatility and space-saving qualities.

Kitchen islands allow for more accessibility, organization, and easier storage due to their many drawers. Kitchen islands can even have louvered drawers if you need a ventilated cabinet for something to safely house electronics. 

You can even take your kitchen island customization a step further by either painting the drawers themselves or replacing the cabinet pulls with something more your style.

Larger kitchens have even started mixing contemporary looks with a more industrial feel but including two kitchen islands instead of focusing on cabinets.

It allows you to keep the open feel of your home without lining the room with hardware.

Which Kitchen Cabinet Door Style Is For You?

The first step in deciding which kitchen cabinet door style would best fit your home is deciding what look you want for your overall kitchen.

Are your cabinets pulling the look together? Should they be the focal point and draw attention with an accent color or glass display? A kitchen is its own space, but they typically follow the feel of the overall house.

The ultimate rule when it comes to interior design is “Make sure it feels like you.” You are the key decider when it comes to matching each and every room in your home. 

There are tons of designs of both cabinet doors and kitchen decor but most of the popular fall into three categories: vintage, traditional, and contemporary.

It’s easy to find what you like if you have a sense of how the rest of your house is decorated. If you’re unsure, explore our blog for more interior design insights and advice. 

Remember, the only true rule of decorating is to use what speaks to you! 

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