Real Friends are all you need.

The people you meet in life honestly can be a dime a dozen. But when you meet a real friend. You just know. Tanya from MommyGoggles and I ran into each other almost a year ago online and have had the lucky opportunity to meet in person. We first hung out at Chicago BlogHer and since then, she and I have had a Mom’s Night Out and our kids got the chance to play as she was heading home from the Wisk Event in New York.

Now, if you know the two of us, you know our personalities are quite alike. With that, we’ve both watched each other deal with some crappy mud-slinging and well, it sucks. As we sat here talking on Yahoo, we were talking about music. And as we thought about “real friends”, I am sooo glad I thought of this song. So to the friends you have through thick and thin, and will always have your back and be real, I hope they can be your “Umbrella” as well.

Love ya Tanya!

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  1. #1) I wish I was that HOT in a leather shiney thong thingy that she has on
    #2) I heart you more than all the margarita mix that you gave me!
    #3) Real friends are hard to come by. Thank you for being MY umbrella!
    #4) Did I mention all the margarita mix you gave me?

    Love you girlie!

  2. I swear the two of you were switched at birth! LOL

    Good, true friends are hard to find.

  3. Ok I TRIED to listen to the…um…music (do they call that music?). Anyhow, love the post, hated the music. Real friends rock! You don’t need many! It’s quality not quantity! Smooooches ladies!

  4. I really like this post because I met my bestie online and we are still friends to this day. She lives in Louisiana and I live in Florida but we bond through Skype, phone and mail. She has been with me through a lot and vice versa. You are truly blessed to find a good friend, no matter how you meet them.

    Take care,

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