QWest “Your Happy is Our Happy” NOT.

Right before Aubrey was born, we decided to use QWest for a home phone service. After a few months, we finally decided we’d add internet service. Being online as a student and blogger, I need RELIABLE service.

We had a couple outages where a technician had to come fix our internet. Hey. It happens.

Several months ago, I called asking to switch our long distance. We weren’t using the plan we had and well in this economy, you have to save money where you can.

Now I understand when you are a sales rep., you need to try bundling services, “add-ons”. It’s how you make your money. The rep I talked to when changing long distance went through everything, telling me to get DirectTV service after I saying I couldn’t (live in an apt facing opposite direction a satelite would need to face), let’s set you up with cell phone service. Nope, just signed a contract with a different provider.

I got off the phone with a bad taste in my mouth. I just KNEW something besides my long distance plan had been changed. Well, all I can do is wait for the bill, am I right?

Our bill comes. Our bill typically averages around 45 to 50 dollars. INTERNET CHARGES 95 DOLLARS!! Our bill was close to $140 DOLLARS!

I call in to figure out what is going on. There is no way the internet we get would be worth 95 dollars in anyway (unless my website loads in 1 second, yeah not happening)

Transferred through 3 different people. Finally get to the Loyalty Department and she discovers when I called in to switch long distance, the previous woman UPGRADED MY INTERNET. Yeah remember I only wanted Long Distance switched? Funny how that worked huh.

So we go through different things, get told of some promotions and sure ok. We get a new bill. A Charge for STILL THE WRONG PRICE.

I call in today. Transferred back and forth. “You’ll receive credit on the next bill.” Ok.

Why do I still have a bad taste in my mouth?

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  1. I’d keep on them if you don’t get a refund the next time around. I know sometimes the bills are already written up so it takes a few for changes to appear. But yeah, I would hope they decide to make it right!

  2. Here’s my horry story with them. They are the main line phone company that was available when I moved into my home. No other ones here, except cell phone companies. Well, it took them two whole years to install our phone, with us calling almost every other day. When people who lived a block away had their home built two years later and got phone service from them before us, I was livid. I called the Utilities Commission in Our State and logged a complaint. QWest lied and said we had never requested phone service from them. Yet, I had a copy of a letter I had even written to QWest two years prior, as well as their response of we are trying to get service to you as quickly as possible. Seems alot of other people in my State had the same problem. I didn’t know it, but these people had filed a class action law suit against them. The Utilities Commission had to turn our complaint over to a lawyer in a discovery motion and the lawyer contacted us, since we did not know others had started such a lawsuit. Right away QWest gave us a cell phone to use, we did not have to pay for the service for a full year until they got the regular phone installed. They also had to pay us for the two years we had to have a cell phone with another company. We were also given a $100 check for our time and trouble.
    I say you need to write them your complaint. Tell them right out if you receive no satisfaction by such and such a date, that you are turning them into the Utilities Commission in your State and will file a complaint and see if others have filed similar complaints. Don’t let them buffalo you.
    Yep, we still have them as our carrier, and my husband did bundle all the stuff with them, I wish he hadn’t though. I don’t think it’s great to reward a inconsiderate company with our business.

  3. I hope they do refund your money and things go smoothly from this point forward. But since things with this company aren’t always as they should be, make sure you get details down in writing. If you write to them, there’s more a chance that they’ll resolve the issue and in a more timely manner. Don’t you hate calling in and being transfered back and forth when the company is at fault and they make you jump through hoops to get it fixed? Their mistake=customer’s burden. Certainly doesn’t take them long to screw ppl over though. Good Luck!

  4. Hi, this is Steph at Qwest, I am sorry to hear about the billing difficulty and lack of resolution. I would be happy to correct this for you. Please email me at talktous@qwest.com and I will be happy to follow up with you.

    thank you

    Steph Lake
    Manager – Talk To Qwest Team

    talktous@qwest.com – attention Steph

    “At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”

  5. I have heard nothing but bad stories about Qwest. Hopefully someone with a brain and not a salespitch can fix this for you.

  6. That’s why I quit working there a lot of the job is a joke. I would rather be jobless then work for a place like that. I can’t believe my boyfriend is still working there. They are rude a lot of the time too.

    1. Remember everything I went through last week? It is now being re-hashed and they don’t see the “discounts” I was told on the phone. So I’m back at square one and I am starting to look for other internet providers in the area.

  7. I hope they get it fixed for you….the right way this time. That really sucks! I hate when companies screw you over! Ugg…

  8. Give ’em hell, Jenna. Don’t back down. Do it all in writing and cc the utilities commission.

    And I have heard about them for YEARS. Every story is that they suck…except the people that were trying to get me to work for them when they first started up years ago. LOL

  9. I too am trying to deal with Qwest. For some reason they keep charging me $70 a month for stand alone DSL.I have been trying for over a year now and every time I talk to them they try to offer me more services and then can’t find any previous info. I think I have spent close to 13 hours on the phone and 100’s of emails. I made it all the way to a “Premier Customer Care Team” member but they can’t even remember what is wrong when I call in. It is sad how much energy I have wasted on this.

    1. I posted on Oct 14, 2009 and would like to follow up with what happened.

      Well nothing can make up for the amount of time this has taken out of my life, but if you go thru “Talktous” in the above post you will get answers to your problems. Steph fixed my problem in 1 day! This person took genuine interest in my issue. I am back to being a happy customer.

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