Purse and Handbag Pattern Designers

Handbag pattern designers

As I’ve learned to sew more this past year, I have loved finding resources to help all around. It is amazing the amount of possibilities when it comes to creating and learning. While there are many out there, I wanted to create a list of purse and handbag pattern designers online! These sewing patterns are different than the sometimes confusing ones you might grab in person but, I LOVE finding patterns from others just like me working from home. These designers have created unique styles that truly help all skill levels find new sewing patterns ideal for what you are creating! Several of these listed also have additional supplies for creating your new favorites.

I would love to hear your feedback on which catch your attention or any other designers you think others would love! 

Online Purse and Handbag Pattern Designers

What are your favorite purse features? 

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