Preparing for Lucas’ Cranial Band.

Preparing for Lucas' Cranial Band. 1

Tomorrow afternoon, we will be heading back to the Orthotics. I really can’t put my emotions into words right now but I am overwhelmed to say the least. We are preparing for a rough week as he adjusts to having to wear the cranial band/helmet. I’m worried as all my children have very sensitive skin and I’ve heard of children getting pressure sores from wearing the band. I even have thought ahead to when it gets really cold, how will I put a winter hat on his head?

I’m scared for how people will respond when we are in public. I am usually very reserved when people are rude (Hey, I’m covered in tattoos, I’m used to stares but this is my child). Our physical therapist has told me of another family she’s working with telling her of people “Did he fall? Was he dropped? What’s wrong with him?” and I don’t know how I would respond to such. I’ve seen some cute sayings in decals to decorate a cranial band but with the amount of travel we’ll be covering, it’s not the first thing on my mind, even if I’d love it.

Preparing for Lucas' Cranial Band. 2
Trying to show Lucas’ plagiocephaly. Notice how it is almost a straight line from the tip of his head all the way down his back.

Lucas is not even a year old but he and his brother have been through so much. I call Lucas my tough guy from how much he has gone through and yet still smiles. As Nathan begins physical therapy and prepares for a possible cranial band as well for a less severe case, I sit thinking about all that has happened. Inside, it hurts though and I question if there is something I could have done to make this different.

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  1. He’ so tiny and there are a lot of kids in those bands.

    Here’s my experience. My son was a fat round, cross eyed infant who started wearing glasses at 4 months old. Don’t even get me started on how that worked… it was crazy.

    People looked at my son a lot, he was unusual in his little glasses. He has no memory of being stared at and it didn’t really shape him and the way he sees the world.

    When he was four he discovered that Halloween costumes could be worn in July. We got plenty of stares for the SIX MONTHS that he wore Batman and Superman costumes everywhere but then he’d just look at folks like they were idiots… like, “haven’t you seen a superhero before?”

    Let people not bother you. Get about the business of helping your son (as I see that you already are) and know that you’re doing everything right medically for your boy and before you know it he’ll be in middle school.

  2. Hello Jenna,
    My name is Angel and as I was browsing online about Cranial helmets I found a pic of your baby and said to myself “hey! I saw him at the clinic!” My son who is 10 months now just started wearing a helmet as of sept 29th! We go to the same clinic and I live In Ankeny. I thought I’d reach out and let you know that someone close too you is in the same boat. If you’d like to contact me I am on Facebook as maria_angelica81 and we can share stories and experiences.
    Best of luck!


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