Postponing Surgery

I’m postponing my surgery. Call me a chicken, call me a wimp, call me whatever.

After doing my pre-op interview and physical, I left crying. The nurse did not set my mind at ease in anyway. I asked about pain control since after my last “outpatient” surgery, I was stuck in the hospital for pain management for a week. “You’ll be fine the next day with the meds you have.” When I asked, “What if I’m on my period when I go in to surgery?” Oh it’ll be fine, it’ll just be miserable for you.

Excuse me?

Then I went to my physical. I expressed my concerns again. I was told my chart shows a “questionable diagnosis of fibromyalgia”. WHAT?  I’ve seen NUMEROUS DOCTORS, there’s nothing questionable about it besides the fact doctors aren’t doing their job. I’m supposed to suck it all up.

So, I called my surgeon’s nurse to cancel. She didn’t blame me one bit. I told her yes, I still wanted it all done but I was scared and the hospital it was planned at did nothing to make me feel comfortable.

So, my surgery is now scheduled for the end of February at a different hospital. Hopefully by then, I’ll be over being so darn sick as well.

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  1. That doesn’t make you a wimp OR a chicken. It means you KNOW you and you weren’t comfortable. Your instincts told you to cancel it and I’m glad you trusted them. My Mom has fibromyalgia as well, she had surgery on her neck a few months ago. They told her she’d be fine with the meds she was on and she could leave the next day. She ended up in a crisis center for a week.

    Stay strong, trust yourself, and tell everyone else to bite you. I hope you feel better and the new surgery place is more understanding!

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