Police Women of Cincinnati on TLC

TLC Police Women of Cincinnati

I found a new show I have fallen in love with. Many know that I am studying Criminology so of course, when I saw Police Women of Dallas last year, I instantly fell in love. This season, Police Women is following four female officers in Cincinnati.

Police Women shows on TLC every Thursday night at 8pm CST and then a repeat of the show at 10pm. I like watching lots of the crime shows but Police Women catches my attention most as these are real police officers and they aren’t just “solving a case in an hours time with commercial breaks included”. These are the real experiences of police officers out in the real world.

TLC Police Women of Cincinnati

Meet the POLICE WOMEN OF CINCINNATI: Sergeant Tia Pearson: A seasoned cop and Iraq War veteran, Tia has seen it all. Out on the streets, she’s as tough as they come and she’s not afraid to put criminals in their place. For her efforts and hard work, Tia was recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant, where she hopes to make an even greater impact. But when her shift ends, that stern façade melts away as she heads home to her wonderful fiancé, Adrian, who is also a cop.

Officer Colleen Deegan: An Iraq War Veteran, Colleen is one of the only women in the Cincinnati Police Department’s elite Central Vice Control Section, and spends her days working with a group of pro-active officers, targeting dangerous criminals with strategic undercover operations. Whether she’s tackling drug dealers, or going undercover as a prostitute, Colleen is always a force to be reckoned with. Her unrelenting attitude has earned her a reputation as one of the toughest officers in the city.

Officer Mandy Curfiss: A Cincinnati girl, born and raised and a former victims’ advocate in the Prosecutor’s office, Mandy was inspired to roll up her sleeves and join the fight on the city’s frontlines. Don’t let her blonde hair and disarming smile fool you. Mandy is aggressive, outspoken, and relentless when it comes to chasing down criminals. She’s determined to do whatever it takes to get her target and there’s nothing she loves more than foot chases and tackling bad guys, except her fiancé Jason, who is also a Cincinnati Police Officer.

Officer Rose Valentino: Working the midnight shift in Cincinnati’s notorious Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Rose spends her nights hunting down some of America’s most dangerous offenders. She is a Cincinnati native who loves nothing more than putting bad guys behind bars and making the city safer for her young daughter, Lily, and fiancé Matt.

This show has become my favorite show. If you want to see what real police officers deal with on a daily basis and not just the “CSI Effect” TV shows, check it out! No actors, no scripts, just everyday life.

I have no affiliation with TLC or their show, Police Women. I chose to express my opinions on my own! 😉

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