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p style=”text-align: center;”>A fellow Mom Blogger needs your love and support right now. A dear friend and blogger, Shellie Ross @Military_mom, I actually had the chance to meet in Chicago is going through a Mother’s Hell. Yesterday, she said goodbye to her dear 2 year old son in a tragic pool accident.

Shellie, I wish there were words today that could take away the pain you have right now. I can not even imagine the hurt, the anger, the well, I can not even fathom. A parent should never say Goodbye to their baby. This is a short post. While there are so many thoughts in my mind right now, the words just won’t come out.

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  1. amazing post Jenna. This song is so perfect – Shellie will see her little boy again someday

  2. I dislike hearing about tragic accidents such as this. I pray to God every night that nothing happens to my daughter. My daughter is the air in my life and without her I would not exist. I cannot imagine losing a child. Our prayers are definitely with her right now. Thank you for your kindness in sharing this story.

  3. My heart, thoughts and prayers goes out to Shellie – I have known her through twitter for appx. 18 mos. Just as twitter can spread hate virally, it can also spread love. I bet she was reaching out for our support and love.

    I have written a post regarding some not-so-common pool safety tips that are really worth a read as I also have a back yard pool and am a NLS trained lifeguard that I would love for you to share with your readers so that hopefully we can prevent this tragedy from ever happening again within our tight blogging and twitter community. It can be found at

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