Playskool Clipo Hippo

Playskool has been a name for many years known to provide quality and fun products for children of all ages. A child’s imagination thrives and grows through play. With two young children, I love having the chance to get down on the floor and play with Kelsie and Aubrey. Watching those little minds “create” and explore is truly a fun experience.

The Playskool Clipo Hippo is a toy both Kelsie and Aubrey couldn’t take their eyes and hands off of. With such bright colors, it’s no surprise why Kelsie enjoyed building and clipping pieces together.

• Colorful hippo toy encourages little ones to build all sorts of creations while interlocking the peg-covered CLIPO blocks to each other – and to the hippo!
• Hippo’s mouth opens wide – blocks store inside!
• Rolling wheels for on-the-floor fun.
• Hippo comes with 20 CLIPO parts.
• Ages 18 months and up.

Playskool’s Clipo Hippo was also great for several other reasons. Kelsie enjoyed showing me the colors of each block as well as SHARING. When we took Clipo Hippo to Great-Grandma’s house, she got a kick handing out a block to each person in the room and then showing the Hippo. How fun is that?

Here’s a video of Kelsie and Aubrey during playtime and enjoying Clipo Hippo. (Don’t mind the mess! We get crazy when we play here!)

This toy has become a favorite in our house. Check out Playskool for many more toys for every child in your life.

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  1. They look so fun! My nephew would love playing with these. I’ll definitely have to check the out for his birthday gift!

  2. Your kids are ADORABLE Jenna!! I loved that video. I think my daughter would love this cute toy! Toys are getting so fun these days… I need more room in my townhouse!

  3. How neat! They look a lot easier than traditional blocks for little ones to learn on.

  4. That looks so cool! My youngest would love that! Come to think of it she still has birthday money in her piggy bank! She might just get one this week! Thanks Jenna! 🙂

  5. Lauren would LOVE those!! In fact… She sees the “clipo” commercial and starts singing it… OVER AND OVER!

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