Playing with LEGO® keeps Our Family Learning

Building LEGO Playsets help Kids Learn new Skills

Summer break can result in kids complaining of boredom or needing something to do. Now as a Mom, we have a family full of different personalities and interests. If there is one toy that I know is loved by everyone in our family, it is for sure having fun with LEGO® building! As the LEGO world continues to grow and expand, I love seeing our children’s imagination and creativity come to life.

Building LEGO Playsets help Kids Learn new Skills
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Creative play has always been something of importance to me as a parent. While more and more of everyday life is taken over by technology, I want my kids to explore and play without the use of electronics 24/7. As we’ve added a variety of LEGO playsets over the years, I love seeing their focus building the latest set or going completely “rogue” and creating their own invention from the LEGO tub.

Checking out New LEGO® Playsets

LEGO play
This is the typical response from each kid when they see new LEGO stuff!

LEGO let us check out two different playsets-

  • LEGO City Airshow Set
  • LEGO City Friends Stephanie’s Bedroom

One of the great benefits of LEGO is the vast options of themes, interests, and skill levels to keep all kids (even the big kids like me!) playing for hours. I love seeing the children’s ideas come to life when they think of new things to build and tell you all about what they have designed. There is alot of learning that goes into LEGO play in our household, especially being a large family. LEGO Creative Play

When they play with specific playsets, there’s plenty of skills being put to use to create their project. It keeps their minds thinking, looking at directions they need to follow, and working through any problems that might arise. Sharing can sometimes be a HARD task, especially when everyone wants to have their chance to build. In my opinion, sets like this with a lower number of pieces are perfect for individual building but there are some HUGE sets like the LEGO Creator sets that several can easily work on together to use those cooperation and teamwork skills. What a perfect idea for a Summer project that everyone can play a part in! Bye bye boredom, hello BUILDING!

Skills and Learning from LEGO

Building LEGO

As I watch the kids having fun building, it’s easy for me to see several benefits in their skill building and learning. While lots of parents worry about the “Summer slide”, building with LEGO helps develop:

  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Fine Motor Planning and Skills (Nathan and Lucas are working on these skills in occupational therapy and LEGO helps create more hand dexterity)
  • Problem Solving
  • Creative
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Perfect for STEM-related learning. Have you seen the LEGO Robotics options?

I remember building LEGO as a child and I love being able to share in the fun with my children now. The possibilities for play have become endless and know our family will continue to grow our LEGO collections!

You can learn more about LEGO at as well as the LEGO Shop with great Guarantees and any set your heart might desire! You can also check out the list of LEGO sets for girls we created!


What’s your favorite part of playing with LEGO?

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  1. My husband still enjoys Legos. He and son still put them together as a team. I think they are some of the best toys around. The stimulate learning, fun and creative thinking.

  2. Our 10 year old loves Legos and our 3 yr old will once he’s old enough to play with them! Our oldest has a lot of them too. These are great sets. It keeps his mind thinking on how to put it together correctly too!

  3. As a kid I loved LEGO and even went to LEGO camp. I’m so excited that my daughter has been and my son is going this summer too. I can’t wait to see what they’ll build!

  4. My son has always LOVED Legos. Never cared much for DUPLO so was 3 and playing with Legos (with adult supervision). He still has all of them and is almost 18.

  5. My son was obsessed with Legos when he was younger, and I bet he’d still like to build with them now! It’s great that they keep coming up with new sets. I love how they encourage so many skills.

  6. Uggg my almost three year old is already obsessed with Legos. He comes by it honestly, the hubby is in a Lego club. I think I’m the best builder though, as I constantly have to put them all back together.

  7. Legos are the best gift ever when you don’t know what to give. With all the different types now you can keep kids entertained for hours building from their imagination.

  8. We’re a family of Lego lovers! I’ll happily sit and build for hours with the kids 🙂 And I agree that it’s brilliant for learning. Oscar’s fine motor skills have come on leaps and bounds since moving from Duplo to the next stage of Lego!

    Louise x

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