Personalized Calls, Videos, and more from Santa

Personalized Calls, Videos, and more from Santa 1

Christmas is quickly approaching and if your family is like mine, your kids are asking about talking to Santa, when they can see him, and more. Here are some fun ways to talk to Santa.

Santabot This website gives you a free way to “chat with Santa”. features several options including a Live Video Conference Call, Personalized Video from Santa, and more.

Portable North Pole is a website we have used several years. There are free personalized videos as well as a Premium Subscription option. The kids always get a laugh over the videos I create for them. features a way to receive letters from Santa.

Want to call Santa? 951-262-3062 gives you the chance to hear a message on Santa’s voicemail and leave him a message.

Do you know an awesome way to talk to Santa? Leave a comment below!

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