Paying Asurion and Verizon Phone Insurance You Can’t Trust.

Paying Asurion and Verizon Phone Insurance You Can't Trust. 1

While I was extremely excited to start sharing about the Samsung Galaxy S8+, my phone is not off to a very good start. Despite having a case that is supposed to protect my phone against drops, yesterday it got tested and failed. While at an appointment for the twins, in an attempt to stop one from falling off his chair onto the hard floor, my phone took the dive shattering the screen.

“Unluckily”, we pay Verizon for phone insurance through Asurion to get it replaced quickly. While it’s no fun having to pay the deductible of $199, well, when you are told you can get it replaced next day.

Ha. Think again.

After having to fill out a SWORN Affidavit, verifying the information of what happened to the phone, we then got hit with new info.

They can’t replace my phone. It’s backordered. Oh wait, you can select an alternative replacement device!

Nope, you can’t do that either.

Paying Asurion and Verizon Phone Insurance You Can't Trust. 2

We asked why is it we are expected to pay for a service that says we can have our phones replaced immediately if something happens and yet, that is indeed FALSE information. Oh and when the phone becomes available? You bet, you will still pay the full deductible to replace said phone.

Asurion told us if we didn’t want to wait, we can just go buy a brand new phone and they will reimburse us. Think about that for a second. We carry insurance so we don’t have to come up with the money to purchase a new phone at the retail value…if we had the disposable income to just go out and grab a phone retailing between $800 and $1000, would we really care to protect it?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ JUST came out. So in reality, Asurion does not have any phones REFURBISHED yet to send me a USED phone. The last time we had to replace a phone? The replacement had to be replaced.

As a mom with two special needs boys, I need a phone in sound working order. I am constantly receiving phone calls that I must respond to immediately to make sure our services are where they need to be.

While I know Verizon is not the only phone carrier that uses Asurion, I have to question why such a shady service is still being used. There have been numerous complaints regarding Asurion over the years. If your customers are paying for a service they are told will protect them in a timely manner, even quoting “Next Day”, then fulfill the service you are agreeing to.

PS, if your Samsung Galaxy S8+ hits the ground, be prepared for it to SHATTER. I guess I’ll be on the hunt for a military grade screen protector…if I ever get a phone.

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  1. Wait, you have a new phone, it shattered when it hit the ground and they don’t/can’t/won’t replace it without taking more of your money? Might be time to switch brands. I’ve never bought insurance (I have every expectation that the product should work and will raise an almighty stink if it doesn’t, plus manufactures warranty is usually good for a year, but I get it you dropped it {though, dammit, it should be able to withstand that kind of trauma}) and I’ve never had a phone shatter, and I have dropped it.

    Good luck with this!

  2. I had the same issue my phone fail out my pocket and I ran over it I only had the phone a week, I placed tthe claim did the sworn affidavit and data it’s back order.

  3. This company needs to get shut done. No one knows what they are doing. I got my s8+ on the day it came out and a few days later I dropped it and cracked the screen. After being on the phone for 8 hrs and being told there is nothing anyone can do i finally was told to call Asurion. I thought everything was good because I found someone who can help. This was april 24th I paid a 250 deductible and from that day on Asurion was giving me the runaround. I was told I would have a phone in 3-5 business days. Well I still don’t have a phone. Then someone tried to be slick and say I don’t have a claim. But I had proof that I did and they took money out my bank. Lol then get this they tried to say there are no more galaxy s8+ in the world. They claimed samsung and sprint had no more and I should call back in a month. Finally on May 12 I got someone who was able to help she laughed at that no more phones bit. Sprint and samsung got a laugh out of it too. Well this lady helped me she said they don’t have the color I have now I told her that’s fine as long as I get an s8+. She put the order in it was shipped that same day. I didn’t receive a tracking number yet so I just called today may 14. They tried to say my claim was denied and they don’t see anything shipped. I flipped out and let them know all these calls are being recorded and I will contact my lawyer and show proof that I paid 250 in April and was told my phone was shipped out. I let them know all their bullshit excuses are on tape and I won’t be suing for a measly $250. I guess that got her attention cuz she put me on hold for 10 minutes and came back apologized and gave me a tracking number. This pace really needs to be looked into.

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