Our Favorite Family Games

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As a parent, I’ve likely lost count how many times we hear about the importance of limiting screen time as our kids grow. Unfortunately, it’s an uphill climb as technology in our lives is everywhere, including schoolwork on chrome books. When we want our kids to step away from the technology, our family loves trying various board games, cards, etc. It’s a great feeling to enjoy the time playing a game while laughing, watching the competitive sides show, and seeing how creative everyone gets.

There are many games out there and we’ve loved exploring new options to give a try during family game night. Here are some of our favorite family games to play while avoiding screentime.

Apples to Apples: The Game of Crazy Combinations

Apples to Apples is one of our most recent games tries and we have loved it. Matching cards to descriptions and seeing each person judge their favorite matches has left room for laughs whether it’s a spot-on match or an absolutely ridiculous card match attempt. This is definitely a game for family get-togethers as well that all generations can enjoy.

Connect Four

It’s been crazy to see the varieties of the classic game Connect Four. The twins started going crazy for Connect Four while playing it during their speech therapy sessions and they quickly brought those skills home to challenge anyone they can. So to be fun, we’ve added to our traditional Connect Four with a travel Connect Four, a Yard Size Connect Four, and Connect Four Shots. We recently saw Connect Four Spins and have been contemplating the addition to our games.


UNO is another one of those classic games that have branched out for TONS of special editions. Whether at home or visiting family, UNO can get intense in our family. 😉


It’s been fun as the kids have grown up to show them games we used to have when I was a kid and of course, try out the newer versions of old favorites. The twins have loved Battleship! Having the electronic Battleship brings a new dynamic to this one.


The number of Monopoly games out there are obviously more than I can try or count. We’ve loved Monopoly Cheater’s Edition, Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition, and even Spiderman.

Favorite Family Games Catching our Attention

Game night can always be the perfect chance to re-connect as a family and get in some much-needed laughs. As a parent, I think sometimes we need that reminder for all of us that we really are on the same team 😉

What are YOUR Favorite Family Games?

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