Organizing Your Email Inbox

Organizing Your Email Inbox 1

If there’s one thing I know about working online, I know that e-mails can feel like a mad house. E-mail subscriptions, receipts, mailing lists, school e-mails, sometimes it can feel like ten new e-mails appear after deleting only one. A disorganized, overflowing email inbox can be a daunting obstacle to overcome. Spam and junk email quickly adds up to a constant stream of distracting correspondence.

This clutter can make you less productive, especially if email is a major part of your job. Not only that – important messages can end up getting lost among all of the others. Here are a few suggestions to take control of clearing out your inbox and for keeping all of your important email organized.


Unsubscribe from Junk Mail

It’s much easier to delete a junk message in your inbox than it is to unsubscribe from recurring correspondence. But, does this save you time in the long run? It may take a minute or two, but look into removing yourself from the mailing lists of sites that frequently send unwanted messages. This will keep junk messages from showing up in your inbox to begin with and save you the trouble of getting rid of them.

I have used Unroll.Me to track any subscriptions my e-mail receives. I can then unsubscribe with the click of a button to a variety of lists I no longer wish to be on.

Folders and Categories

Many email services allow you to create folders within your inbox. By sorting messages into different groups or categories, you can easily find the messages you need when you need them. Don’t be afraid of making too many folders. If you use email for work, several folders based on subject will be more helpful than a single work folder. Some mail services can automatically sort messages into different folders based on things like who they are from.

SaneBox is a product I also use that allows me to filter e-mails, set reminders, and so much more. I can easily move e-mails into folders based on when I want to complete tasks. You can try SaneBox today and get 2 weeks for free + a $5 credit towards a subscription! Check out the link to find out more!

Tags and Labels

While folders are an effective tool for keeping your incoming messages organized, they are less helpful in the case of messages that fit into several categories. By applying tags to messages, you can mark them so that they can be sorted later. Multiple tags can be applied to a single message, which allows them to be sorted differently depending on the situation.

Setting Up Filters

Some email services allow you to set up filters which tell your mail service to treat certain messages a certain way. For example, if a particularly difficult junk mailer won’t remove you from their mailing list, you can set up a filter that automatically removes all mail from that sender to the trash. Filters are also useful for keeping your folders organized, by automatically sending messages containing certain words or phrases to a specific folder.

Search Your Email

Your email has a handy search engine tool that you can use to quickly find email in your inbox. The search tool allows you to easily find emails from a specific person or company, messages sent to a specific email address, or emails containing certain words. This is especially useful if you need to reference an old email that’s been lost in your inbox.

Keep Things Maintained

No matter what tools you use to clean up your inbox, it’s important to keep things organized to avoid another mess from forming. If you set up filters, many of your messages will be organized automatically. Make sure to update your filing system as needed and apply new filters to messages that show up in your inbox. Try to deal with incoming mail as soon as you receive it, rather than waiting for it to build up.

Cleaning up your inbox will save you time, both at work and at home. Most email services offer tools like the ones described that you can use to do much of the work for you. Setting these tools up may take some time, but the time and effort an organized inbox will save you is worth it.

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  1. The email I use to blog is insanely out of control, I have so many unread messages and need to do a massive delte but I always worry I’ll delete one of those winning emails But then again I’m so afriad I will miss a winning email because my email box is insane. INSANE!

  2. My email is NUTS. Every single day . I have an old yahoo account besides my regular one that every year I say I am going to take the time and unsub, and keep cleaned out. Nope, never happens, I remember to go there, actually remember my password, and have 13K + emails. My regular one I get around 800. I would love some days to mass delete, but that would be the day I would actually win something I want or need, and trust me, people entering work hard too 🙂

  3. That is a constant struggle for me. One email account I have had for years and I get spammed non stop. These are great tips.

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