One Tree Hill Season Nine-Challenges

One Tree Hill Season Nine-Challenges 1

By this point, you all know how in love I have been with One Tree Hill. Something that has always caught my attention is how I have felt myself somewhat grow just as the characters of One Tree Hill have. No matter who you are, we all face new challenges, sometimes on a daily basis.

In Season Nine of One Tree Hill, Julian and Brooke are becoming used to their new roles as parents of twin boys. Sure enough, I too am learning all about juggling two newborn boys. The first episode of One Tree Hill this season, we watched while in the NICU with the boys. Yes, I have been a mother before obviously but, it is a whole new situation and adjustment when it comes down to twins. We’ve learned the while we’d love to have a schedule, that’s not always possible. You have to be flexible in more ways than you could ever imagine.

As I watched Brooke and Julian adjust to having twins, I could relate as they found themselves worn out and of course, that first night when your sleep is uninterrupted, you can’t help but jump up in shock, running to make sure they’re okay. I’ve made jokes plenty of times of being “tag-teamed” as Nathan and Lucas go back and forth in needing held, a diaper change, etc. It might be a challenge (especially as I play with big sisters and keep them entertained!) but in the end, you love every minute of it and wouldn’t change anything.

You too can enjoy Season Nine of One Tree Hill, now available on DVD and Ultraviolet.


I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD.

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