O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System

O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System 1

O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System 2Whether you have a college student moving in to their apartment for the first time or you are a Mom with children under feet at all hours of the day, making any cleaning task easier and faster is a big plus. With just moving to a new apartment, our kitchen floor is much larger and I can’t get down on hands and knees to scrub it quick like our old kitchen.

With the release of the new O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System, this new system makes cleaning a breeze. The ProMist Dry Floor Cleaning System includes two REUSABLE  microfiber pads-one that can be washed up to 100 times and a second microfiber pad-easy to wash or toss and can be used to pick up spills and washed or tossed.

Another great feature is the refillable bottle to spray the floor without the hassle of a mop bucket, adding cleaners and so forth. Simply fill the bottle with whatever cleaner you would like, even water, and store aside for when you are in cleaning mode or a quick spill. I don’t know how often sippy cups leak off the counter or water leaks onto the floor, the ProMist takes care of it all.

Cleaning our kitchen has become an “extra” task with our fur baby cats as well. In our new apartment, the litter box is off the kitchen in our pantry. No matter what we do, kitty tracks make their way onto the floor. The O-Cedar has made it a breeze for a quick clean or if I’m taking care of the entire kitchen-it takes care of spills and easily picks up grime and dirt left over after sweeping.

O-Cedar ProMist Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning System 3

The ProMist Floor Cleaning System makes cleaning easier as well with the ability to swivel and move around corners. From standing in the doorway of the pantry I could clean back under shelves without having to get down and around. With the quick squeeze of the handle, I can spray the floor wet and then swipe overtop. Think about how having the ability of the handle to manuever around the back of a toilet, etc. would make cleaning easier.

O-Cedar products can be found at a variety of locations, including K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Tru-Valu stores and many more!

How could the O-Cedar making cleaning in your life easier?

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