Nutrition For Nurses: Making Sure You Get What You Need When You’re On Shift

Nutrition For Nurses: Making Sure You Get What You Need When You're On Shift 1

Let’s be honest nurses; we live the hard life. Though most of us wouldn’t have it any other way, we work long hours and unpredictable shifts. We switch from nights to days like there’s no tomorrow (literally). As if that weren’t enough, we spend the whole twelve hours of our shifts working our butts off to make sure our patients stay healthy.

Sadly, these commitments mean many of us neglect ourselves while caring for others. And, that can have obvious repercussions for a few reasons. How can you hope to look after your patients if you let your health suffer? Not to mention that leaving yourself run down could open you up to every bug which passes through your ward.

That’s the main reason most of us focus so hard on things like getting enough sleep and eating right. Sadly, it’s this latter point on which many of us fall down. The fact is, it’s never easy to get the nutrients we need when working such long shifts. Most nurses grab fast energy fixes which have next to no nutritional content. Needs must, right?

Nutrition For Nurses: Making Sure You Get What You Need When You're On Shift 2

But, what if we were to tell you that there are ways to meet your nutritional needs when you’re working? Given that your health depends on this, we’d say that’s a pretty big deal. So, read on to find out how.

Plan ahead

You’ve heard this before, but we’re saying it again. Planning ahead will go a considerable way towards keeping your break time snacks high in nutritional content. Don’t think this means you have to spend your day off cooking, either. Something as simple as a quick granola recipe can keep you going for a week. Options such as salads with grains and beans would also work particularly well here. They have no cooking time, and you can eat them while you’re on the go. Merely put your chef head on and consider what would work.

Make sure you get what you need

Our nutritional needs are plentiful. As such, it’s unlikely one batch meal will give you everything you need. Hence why it’s worth thinking about quick options which can cover you in other aspects. A small bag of nuts each day, for instance, could work wonders here. Equally, stocking up on supplements like those found at Youngevity products could also keep you covered. While it’s always best to eat a balanced diet, supplements are a fantastic way to boost your health when you don’t have time to fit it all in.

Take every chance you getNutrition For Nurses: Making Sure You Get What You Need When You're On Shift 3

It’s also worth noting that you should take every nutritional opportunity you can get. For nurses, that namely means tea breaks. While you probably struggle to find time for food, there’s a good chance the kettle is always on through your shift. So, why not get nutritional here, too? Something like a turmeric tea can work wonders for your health and is a quick and easy option for keeping you stocked during even the most hectic shifts.

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