National Rocky Road Day

National Rocky Road Day 1

If you are dieting, this probably isn’t a post you want to look at.


June 2nd is officially National Rocky Road Day.

Rocky road ice cream is a delicious dessert with an interesting culinary history. In 1929 after the stock market crash, a man named William Dreyer (the founder of Dreyer Ice Cream) calmed his Black Thursday nerves by creating the original rocky road. He mixed chunky almonds, mini marshmallows, and delicious milk chocolate ice cream to create a new ice cream flavor that would make people smile despite the tough economic times. It instantly became an American favorite and soon became popular all over the world. 

I love ice cream and there is something about rocky road (although I’m not a fan of almonds really), that everyone just has to love. My Grandpa is the one that got me loving ice cream and I’m sure, my kids will love enjoying it as well.

Do you love Rocky Road? What’s your favorite ice cream?

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