National Kids and Pets Day #giveaway

April 26th marked National Kids and Pets Day, a chance to celebrate your love for your “fur baby” and how much you and your children love them!

I have always had a huge heart and love for animals in my life. I can’t think of a time that we have not had a pet in our home when I was growing up. Animals truly can light up a person’s day. Now that I have children of my own, I do everything I can to share the same love for animals with them as well. I love taking them to the animal shelter to share time with those looking to find homes. The excitement in my girls’ eyes when they get to see animals are amazing.

My mother lives on an acreage and is constantly giving love to new animals that come her way. She is an angel in rescue. Each and every animal that crosses into our families life takes a special spot in our hearts.

National Kids and Pets Day #giveaway 1Buddy is our “lap dog”. Mind you, he can knock me over if he really tries. He is also our protector. He came into our lives when I was about 12 years old and has protected my little brothers as babies and my girls as well. He is a rescue from a Sheltie Rescue and we are so happy to have him as a true member of the family

Buddy is one of those dogs that just touches your heart. He’s quirky, funny, but still a gentle big furball. When my doctor told me I was allergic to dogs, I didn’t believe him. I still head to my Mom’s house just to play with him. He wrestles when he knows that he can get away with it (aka Jenna’s here!!! Time to start pawing!”) and yet he’s the dog that sits there through the hair pulling of little hands just to turn and start giving dog slobber kisses.

Pets are companions. They become part of your family. Someday I hope to own a large land spot of my own where I can help give shelter and love to those looking for permanent homes.

We were recently given the chance to give a new “fur baby” a home and we’re so happy with him. Tanya at Mommy Goggles shared with me about a cat rescue where she got her cat Milano from. I quickly fell in love with the chance to share our home with a kitty of our own. We got the chance to e-mail back and forth with Judith and then Whiskey was picked out for our home this weekend.

National Kids and Pets Day #giveaway 2He is still getting used to us but we are so happy to give this little guy our home.

We want to know who the pet you love in your life is!


Thanks to Chicken Soup for The Pet Lover’s Soul, one For The Love of Baby! reader will win a $20 PetCo GiftCard!

Enter To Win! (Mandatory Entry)

  • Leave me a comment telling me about one of your pets in your life. What’s special about him/her? Do you have a funny story?

Additional Entries (above must be completed first)

  • Tweet this giveaway linking back as well as @mommyjenna. Share it with your Twitter followers and then leave a comment with the link to your status. Unlimited ONCE Daily Entries for Duration of Contest.
  • Blog it! Blog about your fur babies and share more about them. At the end, link back to this giveaway so other Pet Lovers have the chance to earn this prize for their pet! Five Entries
  • Take a look around the PetCo Store and let me know what you would like to purchase.

Open to US Mailing Addresses. This Giveaway will End May 4th, 2010 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will be selected via Winner will have 48 hours from the time e-mailed to claim prize.

As a partner blogger with Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, I was given a gift card for giveaway purposes. All opinions and statements are that of my own.

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  1. We have a wonderful 3 1/2 year old Airedale named Pepper. She is the most “human” dog I have ever been around. If you ask her a question, she barks her answer. Now, if I could only understand barks!

  2. Annie is a tiny Pom, 13.5 yo. She is blind in 1 eye and 2 crippled front legs but she is active, healthy and outlived all the other pets in our extended family–love?

  3. My cat was just a tiny, starving 6 week old kitten when she was rescued by the Fire Dept in the next town. She somehow ended up in a tree, screaming loudly. She was really homely as a kitten, and grew into an astoundingly beautiful cat. She was so scrawny and scared, now she’s wonderful, a great family pet. We love our Chloe.

  4. My son was severely speech and language impaired. There were times when he would have meltdowns. Our cat angelica, would jump up on his chest during them to calm him down. He had to calm down, and say I am okay angelica before she would leave. Not easy for someone with his speech impairment. One time he decided to have a fake temper tantrum. She jumped up as usual and proceeded to firmly bite him on the bridge of his nose. The look on his face was priceless. I laughed and said she knew you were faking that. He never tried it again. Angelica was a wonderful cat.

  5. My dog Kouga is a rescue also. We adopted him a few years ago and he is always up for anything. A few weeks ago we walked in the Lukemia walk and we will be doing Bark in the Park a few weeks. Another thing that makes him special is that he likes doggie egg hunts. He can get the plastic egg open and the treats out without breaking the eggs.

  6. I would like to purchase a few of the Red Barn Meat Filled Bones
    for Kouga who loves them.

  7. I’m a bird mom. One of my kids is a red lored Amazon parrot. Giving him a bath is easy. All I have to do is clean the carpet. He loves the sound and will bathe in response.

  8. Our eldest dog is so jealous of his younger sister! It’s gotten better, but it was a bit scary for a while.

  9. I rescued my dog Doug, and he is the weirdest looking dog. Almost everyone who sees him asks what breed he is and then tries to guess. We were told he’d be about 40 pounds and he turned out to be 100, but we love him.

  10. I have a cat named Lucky. He’s special because i practically delivered him when he was born! His mom was a first-timer, and just left him when he came out. I had to tear the sac off him and he wasn’t breathing so i had to rub him to get him going. He’s going on 11 years now…best pet i’ve ever had!

  11. Wow, there’s soo much to choose! But i really think i’d get the Cat Napper Window Perch. My windowsills are to small for my cat to fit on, so this would be perfect for him!

  12. I have an 11 year old calico named Precious. She is terrified of the outdoors and is an indoor cat and is very spoiled.

  13. Our dog is Mr. Manny, a boxer. He is goofy, just like his namesake, baseball player Manny Ramirez.

  14. we have 3 ridgebacks from all sorts of life…shelter, katrina and confiscated puppy mill…thank you ridgeback rescue for helping them find a home

  15. my cat has recently learned to jump from the ground to the top of my high-back computer chair! one time she had just landed up there, and slid rigt back down! lol! 😉

  16. My new little weiner dog Rosie Roo likes to bring everything to her bed. Yesterday I found a roll of toilet paper,clothes hanger and a shoe in her bed!
    Thanks for the chance.

  17. we have two cats and an african grey parrot. We were concerned the cats would see the bird as food and not a buddy. The first time my then fiancee introduced his bird to my cats, the bird head-butted one cat and the other ran under the bed. My ferocious little tigers wimped out! Now they’re all buddies and get along great.

  18. Our newest pet is a python my dh rescued from a neighbor (actually they are all rescues). Our neighbor bought him when he was dare I say —tiny and cute?? then quickly tired of him when he grew up and became expensive to feed. He casually mentioned that he was going to just open his door and let him out to fend for himself, when my dh jumped in and volunteered to take him (much to my chagrin). Now Rocky has his own room (that I do not enter-lol)and all the rats -blecch–he could ever want.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  19. I would like to purchase Blue Buffalo canned dog food at the Petco store.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  20. I have a pet cat named Coco. She’s about 13 years old and still going strong. She’s the best watch “dog” I’ve ever had. She growls whenever someone pulls into our drive that she doesn’t know. If she knows the person, she doesn’t make a sound. We have no clue how she knows the difference!

  21. I would get my cat Coco some treats. I bet she would like the Petrodex Dental treats.

  22. I have a new puppy – hes now 8 months old – hes my buddy – we do everything together – he loves going in the car and for runs in the evening. I love him being part of the family now.

  23. Harry the hamster was found to have a particular penchant for easter egg chocolate……he escaped from his cage and scurried all night to chew the egg and stash it all the way upstairs in our house…..only to be found the next morning … a very tired, chocolately hamster!!!

  24. I have a doberman named Zeus.
    I dont work so I am home alone and
    he makes the best company.
    I never am scared.

  25. I have three cats. Their names are Tumper, Louise, and Fluffy. Tumper is the most affectionate of the three. He can spend hours purring in my lap and loves to watch TV.

  26. My dog name is Peanut and the reason he got that name is because when we first got him he kept trying to get my sons bag of peanuts and he still does that today.

  27. My rescued cat Spooky is the queen of the household and we are her servants and she knows it! She expects to be fed on time (not to mention acceptable tasty goodies), and wants a warm lap with gentle pets available to her on demand. She knows what time I am supposed to get up (aka time for breakfast) and when I go to bed… bed means she gets to lay on me (again with the warm furniture person). She is lovely and loving and has the most wonderful purr! My daughter (5 when we got Spooky) named her after a witch’s cat that we had been reading about (black cat/tortoise shell Spooky), and because it was Halloween when we rescued her.

  28. I have a sweet and loveable Golden mix rescue dog. She is my constant companion. I couldn’t imagine a better poochie. Thanks.

  29. my dog december. when we get home and sit down she climbs up on us- and almost hugs up, pushing her face up to ours. we love it!
    .-= Stephanie R´s last blog ..Pay it Forward Day 2010! =-.

  30. My Dog makes my mom feel special while he doesn’t really like the rest of us. It would make my mom feel so special for a new toy or even sweater for him though!

  31. Goliath ate an entire box of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Although he looked remorseful, he seemed to feel perfectly well and kept licking his lips.

  32. My dog, Bambina, actually detected a gas leak, and sat at the stove, barking. When she wouldn’t stop, we called the super in. Bambina had saved our lives. Good doggie!


  33. We have a cat named Sandpiper and she sits on the back of my chair every night waiting for me to go to be because she knows she gets a small snack. Thanks.

  34. One of my cats, Lucy is special because – we adopted her as a baby from the Humane Society.
    It’s been such fun watching her grow up!

    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  35. we got george from a rescue shelter, he was pretty skittish for a while but he’s coming around nicely now

  36. We have a Whippet named Delta. She has destroyed shoes, toys, and other property, but we’ve really enjoyed her presence and companionship. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. I have a one year old pomeranian named Neko who is so funny. He’ll stand up on his back legs and hop backwards while barking.

  38. Our Dog is Zoey. She is spoiled rotten – HEHE! No we just adore her! This would be great – Thanks!

  39. I have a little guy, Sammy. He’s a mutt, mostly terrier. Cutest dog you’ve ever seen (seriously!).

  40. I’d love to get our dog, Miss Ruby, some “PETCO Original Loofa Terry Dog Toys”! You know, they’re the fuzzy looooong dog stuffed toys that their commercial made famous? Our dog loves them and carries them everywhere like the dauchshund in the commercial and hers are getting a little ratty! I’d be nice to replace them if she’d let me! 🙂

    Thanks!!! 🙂
    .-= Katy M´s last blog ..Win a $100 Teleflora Mother’s Day Bouquet from With Love! =-.

  41. Our standard poodle Jack is a big old love pest! Love and eat , that is his life. He is always glued to me.

  42. I would love to buy Jack a case of Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Dinner Canned Dog Food. Eating machine!

  43. We have a house full here. Pluto (dog), Jinx (cat), Checkers (hamster), and Dot and Coco (parakeets). Our hamster is hilarious when he runs around the house in his plastic ball and the cat is wondering how she can eat him. Thanks!

  44. I have a 1 year old corgi named G. She sleeps with me and ends up shoving me off my bed, or will even sit on my head just to steal my pillow!

  45. I would love to get my dog some of the AKC Plush toys from PETCO. She currently has the bunny and adores it, I’d lvoe her to have the squirrel and duck too!

  46. We have a dog named Spooky. Her name came about because she had been abused; now she loved everyone and is a very good dog!
    AllMyCrazyCats @

  47. I have a Chihuahua named Paco that I adopted from Craigslist in January. It seems like I have had him much longer. He;s an older dog that was in a bad situation. We bonded immediately, He loves to lay next to me. He like to sleep in a cardboard box that;s laying on the side and wants his blanket over his head at night.

  48. My beloved Dibbles is 18 pounds of tabby sweetness. He is a big marshmallow with a huge heart and a LOUD meow. I love him more than words can say.

  49. I’d love to get Dibbles and his sister Pippa the Petlinks System Dream Curl Curvy Two-Surface Scratcher.

  50. Our tom cat,”bandit”, likes to hunt all night & sleep most of the day. Almost every morning he comes up to my sliding glass door in my bedroom & “knocks” on it. I open the door to find a “present” for me. Usually a mouse or what’s left of it anyway 🙂 He waits for me to pet him & then he goes on his merry way.

  51. My boxer Brutus loves bread. He also loves bread ingredients. One day I came home to find that he got into the flour and spread it all over my living room. But I loves him anyway. 🙂

  52. My kitty cleo is special because every she goes out of her way to tell us how much she loves us. She showers us with love and kisses.

  53. We had 3 lovely cats, and sadly have lost 2 of our “babies” in the last 6 months. Mickey had CRF, but lived to be 11 yrs. 8 mos. old, and Sasha, our Calico Girl, passed away unexpectly on April 12. She was 14. Our other kitty, Big Kitty, who is around 13 was so lonely, we had to get him a companion, so we went online to check out our local shelter, and there was a photo & video of a beautiful b&w 2 yr. old girl. We found out when we went to the shelter that she was there the longest…1 year to the day we got her. She had had kittens who were all adopted and she wasn’t. She’s so beautiful. Her name was Clara, but we re-named her Lilli Rose. She’s so happy (after living in a crate for a year,) she runs all over and loves to sit in the window and watch the birds. She is our resident diva, and Big Kitty just loves the company. Please everyone….ADOPT FROM A SHELTER!

  54. We have to have a Beware of Cats sign on our door because our cat HATES everyone but us. He has been known to attack the mailman and various visitors.
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM
    .-= Jennai´s last blog ..Blogs I Like =-.

  55. We have two wonderful dogs. One of the dogs got caught in a spring door and was hurt and the other one wouldn’t leave his side for 3 days. It was so sweet. Thankfully everything turned out fine.

  56. We adopted Radar from our local shelter that I volunteer at. He’s spunky, but also well behaved. His name was actually “Radiator” at the shelter, so we had to change that quickly!

  57. we have 2 dogs&one only has one kidney,but she is happy&healthy!


  58. Our golden retriever, Doyle, has been a great family member. He even lets my 2 year old ride him occasionally.

  59. All our pets are special but our newest addition, Cody, a pomeranian/papillon mix, is the sweetest dog. He is fluffy and fun to cuddle!

  60. I have 3 Bengal cats but Simon my oldest & only male is so unique. He is as big as a dog, sleeps halfway on me, my son calls him a stalker because he follows me everywhere I go…sits outside the bathroom door, cries if he gets locked out of my bedroom, greats everyone who comes in the door instead of running like most cats and is just the coolest cat I’ve ever been around!

  61. Right now I have two beautiful labs, Baby and Sage, but will soon be adding a new “baby” to the family with a kitten we plan to name Bowser

  62. I would use the gift card for the Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Interactive Cat Toy

  63. My dog likes to lay in my laundry basket after I have put the clothes from the dryer in there.

  64. I couldn’t figure out why my son’s hair was soaking wet one day. It turns out my 25 pound Orange Tabby had given him a “bath”!

  65. Our family has one pet. His name is Magoo and he is a 3 yr old puggle (pug/beagle mix) and he is MY BEST FRIEND!

  66. We have an eight year old Samoyed named Pasha. As much as we love him, he thinks he is a lap dog, only he weighs 96 pounds.

  67. The most special pet I have ever had is my current chihuahua Speedy 😀 He is so amazing and almost human a lot of the time. He is my best friend and I take him anywhere I can which is most places lol! He goes with me to the grade school everyday when I pick up my son and the kids come running just to give him a pet or a hug, it’s one of his favorite times of day. He is very special is so many ways and I can’t imagine my life without him! My funny story (not so funny!) is that he won’t eat dog food and I have to hand feed him the little he does eat, he’a really high maintenance!

  68. we have 3 dogs bella,chico and paco and they are just like family its so funny because each has their own personality..bella is grumpy,chico has totally taken to my hubby and follows him everywhere.paco is like a couch potato he lays around all day in his dog bed

  69. id love the Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Round Cuddle Up Dog Bed my couch potato has worn his

  70. I have two special kitties who are sisters in my life. I adopted them from a rescue shelter 2 years ago and love them to death.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  71. I have two Shih Tzus who meet me at the door when I come in from work. They give me such a big welcome. Their names are Princess and Hershey.

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