My Vacuum Sucks

And not literally. My Mom bought us just a basic Eureka last summer. SWEET right? This stupid thing won’t work. I’ve changed filters, nothing’s clogged. It’s just something you push around and it *might* pick something up.

I am seriously crawling around on my knees trying to pick up things that are still VISIBLY left on my carpet. EWWWW. I’m disgusted by what might be there that I can’t see.

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  1. I’m looking for a vacuum too. Have you found one you think will work? I have a dog that sheds and a carpet that seems to pull the hair off the dog!I’m borrowing an old Dyson that seems to work. I’ve heard they are good but they are expensive and I’ve heard their customer service is not so good.Any ideas?

  2. I have a Rainbow and I love it!! No dusty bags, just empty out it’s bowl of water afterwards, rinse, sanitize and your done. It also comes with scent oils you can drop into it and run it on low and it fills the air with scent while catching air thingies in the filter. It’s cool.

  3. I got tired of buying cheaper vacuums. They would work ok for about 5 months and then they would just get worse and worse. Then we would just go and buy another one and the same thing would happen all over again. So we just dropped $500 on a Dyson. I would have much rather gone shopping for something fun! But I guess we won’t be wasting money on vacuums anymore!

  4. Over 4 years ago my husband and I just decided to invest in a dyson. The thing still works, and it picks up everything. It’s amazing what it sucks out of a rug in a home full of cats and dogs. Ya they are a lot of money, but the investment was worth it for us. If something happens to it, I’m pretty sure we will buy another.

  5. Our vacuum was a hand me down from my MIL. It literally sucks (nothing). I so need a Dyson (if I could afford one)

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