My Husband’s An Ass

I can only imagine the response from this post title.

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Steven decided to go back to school this summer. Sweet right? Wrong. And I knew from the start is was wrong. “I’m not going to get in the way of you going to school Jenna.”

HA. Let’s discuss that statement. He is leaving two-three hours before his classes to go “study” because he can’t do it at home. I have to study at home, juggling two little girls, screaming while listening to DORA DORA, and taking care of the household. I’m getting my time to do homework huh?

Last night, he broke a picture frame going to get a flashlight while it was storming. Everyone was in bed except him. The picture broke right where Kelsie and Aubrey’s BOOKS are. My girls love books. They are over there 24/7.

“Steven, we need to pull everything out and make sure all the slivers are vacuumed.”
“I got it all last night.”

So as I go to grab a book playing with Aubrey, WAM. I get glass in my hand. I spent the last twenty minutes vacuuming and picking up pieces of glass.

He’s going to give Kelsie a bath while I take Aubrey to her Well-Child today huh…yeah that’s funny I get home and yeah definitely has not had a bath.

Someone bring re-inforcments…preferably in the form of alcohol. Lots and Lots of Alcohol. Is it BlogHer Yet?

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  1. Wish I could be there to have a drink with you at BlogGer and commiserate! I have been there. Big time!

  2. mine is a broke asshole. he’s such a manipulator. eleven years and three kids later i see the light. but it’s too late i’m a stay at home mom and he has driven us to bankruptcy. so it’s 4:30 p.m and i’m sitting here typing and drinking alone.

  3. Poor you! And thankfully DH and I did not go to school at the same time after having kids. I finished when pregnant. But I did feel very alone w/kids until he graduated. By then we had both boys. I wished he would leave when studying, because it was then my responsibility to keep the kids away from him when he studied at home. Which is HARD, I am sure you know.

    Well – no clue how you handled this one. Small rolling pin, large rolling pin or revolver. LMAO.

    Be strong. I definitely think women can handle more than men. 🙂

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