My Husband won’t Touch the Baby Belly

My Husband won't Touch the Baby Belly 1

My husband is a wimp.

As I get further into my pregnancy, I am now at the stage where there is no denying that feeling….these two little rascals are moving around. It is the most awkward, creepy but yet amazing feeling in the world (well, except those rib shots).

So as I begin to feel what is a new experience for me (Uh hello, I have FOUR legs and FOUR arms moving around in there!) I of course want to share it with those close to me. Aubrey and Kelsie both love pulling up my shirt to “HI BABIES!” or give kisses. The other day, I got Aubrey’s hand just right and one of those little guys kicked his sister’s hand perfectly. Her eyes lit up in bewilderment as she held her hand up “Baby kicked MY HAND!” Seeing that reaction was priceless and of course, she wanted to try again.

Now on the other hand, my husband refuses. He will not come anywhere near me if they are moving or kicking. He spazzes out at the thought of feeling it. The only problem is now, I’m getting grumpy about it. “It’s just plain creepy, NO”. Uh, buddy really? I feel it at any hour of the day and you wanna talk about creepy? Atleast you don’t deal with the pain or soreness that goes along with it, as I type this I’m debating getting an ice pack for the particular target that is always hit on my ribs.

Am I wrong for being upset? Or should he be a man and get over it?

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    1. The pregnancy with his first daughter, she didn’t really allow him to be around *sigh*. She had begun dating someone else and actually didn’t call him until AFTER she had been born. 🙁

      With Aubrey, he felt her on rare occasions, she kicked him once in the back as we were trying to fall asleep. He’s felt the twins move once and pulled away and ran as fast as he could.

  1. It sounds like it’s “normal” for him. It sucks but honestly I don’t recall Jeff feeling Owen kick/move other than the one time he (like you guys lol) kicked him in the back as we were laying in bed. I think it’s a normal guy thing. I don’t know many guys that get overly excited at wanting to feel the baby(s).

  2. I’m not sure how I would feel but you certainly have every right to feel the way you do. My husband was just the opposite though. He would rub my belly as we fall asleep and talk to the boys. It was a great way to bond while they were still developing.

  3. Mine would talk to my belly, but wouldnt touch it either. I think he did once and then said it was too much like Spaceballs and the Alien… men suck sometimes. LOL

  4. I think your feelings are valid but sounds like he isn’t going to change anytime soon. It will probably just be one of those things that you have to agree to disagree on.

  5. I feel that way this time around. It’s our third pregnancy and my husband is like well it’s nothing new and he isn’t that into it like with our first. The thing is, guys don’t bond right off the bat like women do. It usually takes awhile for them.

  6. I think he has every right to be weirded out about it – not that it makes it right or wrong. My aunt was actually grossed out by HERSELF when she was pregnant and hated it when the babies moved.
    To each their own, I guess.

  7. I’d be upset too. I think it’s so much fun when the baby (babies) start moving around and makes the whole thing so much more real.

  8. Tell him to suck it up, put on his big boy panties and get more involved. I think he’s just jealous because the babies can already kick his ass. 😛

  9. He needs to grow up……..every pregnancy is a miracle…..the miracle of LIFE and he has 2 little lives in there!!
    This is a perfect time to have some early bonding!

    Nothing I loved more was laying in bed or on the couch, babies moving and DH’s hand on the belly feeling that little life’s movements <3

    Wish I lived closer…..I'd be all over that baby belly! LOL
    Love LOVE prego bellies!

  10. When my wife was pregnant the first time, I was reluctant at first when Fran asked
    Me to feel her belly – until the first time I got “kicked” in the middle of the night when she snuggled me in bed. I was startled by what happened but realized that this was our child. I took every chance I could after that to feel the baby move. It made me understand what she was going through.

  11. My husband was very involved with both our pregnancies. He loved to feel the baby move and talk to my belly. But he was and is a very involved and active Dad in his kids lives. You are nicer than I am, though. I’d be pulling up my shirt and chasing him around the house yelling, “They’re gonna get you!” LOL! But we are like big kids! What fun is living if you can’t torture your significant other a little here and there?! But your feels are valid, but so are his. Sometimes men can’t wrap their heads around something like this.

  12. As soon as my husband found out I was pregnant, that was it for all interaction between him and I stopped. I certainly didn’t expect him to act like this! I was hoping he would be excited for us. But that didn’t happen. He completely ignored me, he wouldn’t sleep with me or even talk to me. And that s the way it was threw my whole pregnancy, and when my water broke a neighbor took me to the hospital. She called him to let him know where I was at but he never showed up in the delivery room. I had a hard time with my baby so I spent an extra two days in the hospital. Still my husband never showed up, but nurse delivered a box to my room. When I opened it and what it was I became scared. The box had all my husbands ID’s and a note that he cancelled our insurance, broke the lease on our apartment, sold all our furniture or donated it, sold our cars and closed our saving and checking accounts. I was pennyless and no place to go. I ended up in a shelter and my baby was taken from me. Trying to get back on my feet but it is horrible to have to work so hard for so little.

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