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My Favorite Summer Picture So Far….

Well the party is continuing at ButterCup Berrie Sweet’s 1st Birthday Blog Bash and man is it a BLAST! Now we know I absolutely love catching my little Kelsie bug on camera and this summer has given me several oppurtunities despite the flooding. We’ve been able to enjoy going to Brookside Park here in Ames and the excitement Kelsie get’s “exploring” just melts my heart-simply put. She might trip in her excitement to figure out “whats that?” in front of her but she’s quick to get back up and keep going! My little girl is growing up! It is hard to believe how big she has gotten and all the milestones she has taken. Kelsie, you are amazing little girl and Mommy loves you soooo sooo much!!!!

So my favorite photo for the ButterCup Berrie Sweet Birthday Bash contest is a tough one to decide upon but I leave you with my precious baby girl! I’m sure that little face of innocence and intrigue will do the explaining for you 🙂


  1. that’s cute!
    I just found the local park with these toddler swings and Buttercup is still on the small side for them, but she loves them!

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