My Challenge for All of You! YES YOU!

I know right now it’s Wordless Wednesday so alot of you are already traveling to blogs to check out those and comment. NOW I’ve got another challenge for you. There are alot of great blogs out there that are always trying to give fun stories to all of you. Maybe they are just sharing their day to day activities or they have an awesome review up. Either way, how many times have you read something and then just left? COMMENT PEOPLE! So today, I’m giving you lots of links to check out.

I CHALLENGE YOU (YES YOU!) to visit and COMMENT at atleast TEN blogs today!
Maybe these are blogs you visit on a daily basis already, maybe it’s a new blogger, either way go say Hi, tell them what you think of a post they wrote. Share the love! Because in the end, the more people you comment to, the more likely they will come say Hi to you as well 😉

3 Kids and Us
Life In A House of Blue
A Little Bit Nutty
The Mom Buzz
Champagne SuperNeva
A Wrestling Addicted Mommy
The Hunter’s Wife
Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Girls
Grab Bag Reviews
One Mom’s View
Natural Parenting
My Trendy Tykes
Berrie Sweet Picks
Blessings Abound
The Toddler Cafe
Hairstyles For Girls
Living Life With Gratitude
The Not-So-Blog Blog
Forever Young Family
From A to Z

Now there are many other amazing blogs out there. This isn’t even a nibble of all the blogs you can find out there. So get out there and COMMENT. And of course, if you’d like to link up to this post-I’d love some linky love as well 😉

As you’re going around feel free to add a link to Mr. Linky with a favorite post you found or even your own post. Have fun!

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  1. Love this post. Comments really do add life to the blogging community. 🙂

  2. How sweet of you Jenna! I’m out leaving a little comment love for everyone on the list right now.

  3. Thanks for adding me to your list! I was just trying to find some new blogs to add to my reader.

  4. I’m gonna take a nap and then take your challenge! I love comments on my blog but hardly anyone ever leaves any! It kinda makes me sad cause when i work hard to put stuff up there and then no one says anything, it’s makes me wonder if anyone is actually reading. Then I lose my motivation and don’t blog for a while.

  5. You’re a peach Jenna! Thanks for including me! I’ll have to drop by and comment later to those on your list a little later!:)

  6. What Fun! i like to comment while dropping EC’s. It does nothing for my amount of drops, lol, but I enjoy some of the stuff people come up with. happy Blogging!

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